Style Lab: Novelty Prints are in Full Swing this Summer

We look at the sunny, novelty prints that are so hot this season from a combo of local designers and mainstream retailers.


Printed trousers, $49.50, Zara. Image: Zara


Bosc culottes, $68, Anthropologie. Image: Anthropologie


Vintage silk and reclaimed cotton “Full Bloom” blouse, $118, Adhesif Clothing. Image: Adhesif Clothing


Linen tribal jacket, $39.50, Forever21. Image: Forever 21


Star top, $59.50, Zara. Image: Zara


Lucca Couture printed embellished dress, $79, Urban Outfitters. Image: Urban Outfitters


Trapeze tunic, $78, Anthropologie. Image: Anthropologie


Locally-made, eco-friendly cotton/silk dress, $178, Lav & Kush. Image: Lav & Kush

Don’t shy away from bold prints—this season, the “prints charming” look is in

Print mania is rampant. The Georgia Straight is talking up florals. Vancouver fashion blogger Anya Georgijevic is all about “tribal fever.” But I say, why choose?


Play with this season’s entire range of exuberant novelty prints including floral, graphic, fruity, tribal, stars and polka dots. Basically, go nuts! Try combining them: the more the merrier. ‘Tis the season.


The only way you can go wrong sporting the “prints charming” look is by appropriating a minority group’s heritage in order to make a fashion statement. Let me be clear: prints are awesome, until you purchase a pair of shorts that are called “Navajo,” when obviously the Navajo had nothing to do with producing the garment. As this recent example shows, you can’t get away with that in this town. Otherwise, ready, set… get print happy!