14 Christmas Beauty Gifts to Fit Every Budget

Your one-stop guide for all the very best beauty presents this holiday season

Your one-stop guide for all the very best beauty presents this holiday season

From affordable gifts ($10) to charitable picks (#givingback) to luxurious splurges, this beauty gift guide will make holiday shopping this year more thoughtful, creative and fun. Get inspired by this curated list of festive, limited edition gifts for him, her and everyone on the list…

1. Ornament collection from Invisibobble

Keep your holiday up-do slip-free, tangle-free and crimp-free with Invisibobble, the bauble edition. Each holiday ornament contains three Invisibobbles (slim or original), that look delicate in the hair and festive around your wrist. And if you find your Invisibobble ever losing its stretch, simply immerse it in some boiling water and it’ll spring right back to its original form. You’re welcome.
$10 to 49; Available at Shoppers Drug Mart

2. Limited edition cake tin sets from Benefit

Benefit’s typically ultra-cute packaging always finds a new way to take it next level during the holidays. This year, there are three sets housed in adorable metal tins shaped like three-tier cakes. Starting at just $25 for a three-piece set—including travel sizes of their best-selling face primer, brow gel and mascara—to the larger $59 set, showcasing four full-sized products that will keep you bright, bronzed and beautiful: mascara, pore primer, bronzer and liquid highlighter.
From $25; Available at Indigo online

3. Peppermint Candy Cane festive sack from The Body Shop

This new festive scent from The Body Shop will have you smelling sweet throughout the holiday season. The scent is briskly refreshing, with a decidedly Christmas twist. This set includes a shower gel, body scrub, body butter and hand cream, all packed neatly into a reusable jute bag. Also—until the end of the year—every transaction at The Body Shop (anything in their store, not just holiday products) will result in a donation to Bio-Bridges to help protect some of the world’s most endangered rainforest animals by creating corridors of natural habitat to prevent threatened wildlife populations from being cut off from each other.
$28; Available at The Body Shop and online

4. Natural holiday duo from AG Hair

Aptly named, the natural line from AG Hair is formulated with over 98 percent plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive scalps and those with damaged or colour-treated hair. This set includes the Natural Balance Shampoo and Natural Boost Conditioner in holiday packaging. And, in the holiday spirit, AG Hair is donating a portion of each product sold to One Girl Can, providing educational opportunities to impoverished girls living in marginalized areas of sub-Saharan Africa.
$48; Available at Chatters and online

5. You’re a Star gift set from Lush

Overflowing with rosy pink best sellers like Ro’s Argan body conditioner and a Sex Bomb bath bomb, this is for the person who loves warm scents like jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose. Plus you and the gift recipient will both be stars when you purchase this present, as every star-studded box contains a bottle of Lush’s cult favourite body lotion, Charity Pot. 100 percent of the proceeds of this product go directly to grassroots organizations working in the fields of animal protection, environmental conservation and human rights.
$65.95; Available at Lush and online

6. Au Coin du Feu candle from Bastide

It’s a bit of a homecoming for Frederic Fekkai, who acquired this 25-year-old luxury brand based in Fekkai’s French hometown of Aix-en-Provence. This candle, Au Coin du Feur—At the Fireside—boasts subtly sweet notes of clove and vanilla, balanced by deeper hints of smoke and cedar. It instantly transforms your room into a country manor house, scented by smouldering embers in a glowing hearth. Smoky, woody and sweet, this candle is housed in hand-blown amber bubble glass. Burn time of 45 to 50 hours.
$85; Available at Holt Renfrew

7. Supra Radiance set from Laboratories Lierac

Supra Radiance is the newest launch from French pharmacy brand Lierac. Also known as the radiance anti-aging range, it combats environmental skin stressors (UV exposure, unbalanced diet, smoking, lack of sleep) that can speed up signs of aging. This line was developed with an expert in nutritional and environmental medicine to backwards-engineer the process of premature aging, and then to find ways to detoxify the skin and reactivate the vital functions of cells. These products restore skin’s balance and promote optimal skin function.
$85, for a $145 value; Available at drugstores and online

8. Edition 01 candle from Goop

A collaboration between Gwyneth Paltrow and perfumer Douglas Little (who’s created scents for Lady Gaga and Dita Von Teese, among other celebrities), Edition 01 is the winter scent in goop’s series of candles. As you’d expect, the scent is strongly rooted in elements of homeopathy and Ayurvedic principles, where each ingredient offers a healing property in addition to pure olfactory joy. All ingredients are non-toxic and extracted from a plant by means of steam, heat, cold-pressing or carbon dioxide. This is definitely a cozy fragrance, evocative of leather books, church incense and frankincense. Burn time is up to 65 hours.
$101; Available online

9. Ultimate Well-being collection from Aromatherapy Associates

United Kingdom-based Aromatherapy Associates has been providing luxury therapeutic bath and wellness products for over 30 years. This set includes 10 of their award-winning potent bath and shower oils, each bottle enough for three applications. If it’s possible to bottle the scent of a luxury spa, Aromatherapy Associates has nailed it. A single whiff of any of their unique blends is transportive, but each carefully crafted scent is designed to do far more than smell pretty. Feel exhausted with brain fog? Try Revive Morning, full of pink grapefruit to boost circulation, rosemary to draw out impurities and pine to stimulate the brain. Or feel a cold coming on? Try Support Breathe in a hot bath where the steam will intensify the effects of the eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and tea tree oils.
Scents include Deep Relax, Light Relax, De-Stress Mind, De-Stress Muscle, Revive Morning, Revive Evening, Support Breathe, Support Lavender & Peppermint, Support Equilibrium and Inner Strength (10 x 9 ml).
$122.50; Available at Absolute Spa and online

10. N°5 Red L’Eau from Chanel

For the first time in the history of this venerable fashion house, the iconic fragrance N°5 is dressed in Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour, red. For Chanel lovers or art collectors, this is an opportunity to pick up a little bit of fashion history as this is will not happen again. The red bottles are available in the original eau de parfum and the newer, more citrus and musk-forward l’eau (de toilette). For anyone who ever thought the original smelled a little too abstract, give the l’eau a try. Created by Chanel in-house perfumer, Olivier Polge, this version is more modern with crisp notes of lemon, mandarin and orange, bringing a lightness to the aldehyde fragrance. Flowers are still at the heart, with notes of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang, anchored by a base of cedar and musk.
$198; Available at Chanel beauty counters and online

11. SinglePass Curl from T3

The right tools really do make a difference, and T3’s curling iron makes holiday hair a cinch so you’re not completely dependent on blow-out salons for the next few weeks. Their SinglePass technology does not lie; curls literally take one pass, helping to minimize damage to your tresses. It gives short bobs cute texture and volume, and longer manes miles of curls. There are five adjustable heat settings, but start low. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with a quality iron at a lower heat. The tourmaline plus ceramic clip-barrel grips nicely but never pinches hair. If you have thick, coarse hair that resists styling and is quick to lose a curl, try some hair spray on your hair before you start curling. And as you finish each curl, resist the temptation to break them up right away. Let them cool down completely before combing through.
$200; Available online

12. Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart rechargeable toothbrush from Philips

A bright pearly smile is sexy and this electronic toothbrush is one sexy device. Jet black with a recharging station that’s little more than a clear glass tumbler cleverly nestled onto a slim docking station, this definitely glams up your bathroom instantly. But more than that, it’s an incredible toothbrush that has Bluetooth technology that can provide real-time feedback on your brushing technique… everything from applied pressure to missed spots to inconsistent movements. Who knew the gift of oral hygiene could be so chic?
$249.97; Available at Amazon and various retailers

13. All Eyes on You liquid eye shadow vault from Stila

When Stila came out with their Shimmer & Glow and Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadows, it was a game changer. These formulas let us apply the most dazzling eye shadows in a single, no-fuss swipe that stays on all night with minimal fall-out. This holiday vault features 12 full-size shades, including two limited-edition options: six Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadows (for dazzling, ultra sparkle) and six Shimmer & Glow liquid eye shadows (for high shimmer sheen).
$254, for a $374 value; Available online

14. Colour block cosmetic case by Tiffany & Co.

For your beauty guru friend who has everything, but nothing to put it all in, what could be more perfect than this Italian-made cosmetics case from Tiffany & Co. Not all blue boxes need to be little. This generously sized pouch (10.2 by 7 inches) is made of Italian grain calfskin leather and bears the signature T-shaped Tiffany accents. The two-tone case features, of course, Tiffany blue colour-blocked against off-white and is lined with coated toile fabric for easy cleaning.
$780; Available at Tiffany & Co. and online