8 Cozy and Nourishing Items to Help You Prep for Fall

From skincare essentials to on-the-go accessories, your fall essentials are here

From skincare essentials to on-the-go accessories, your fall essentials are here

We promise we’re not wishing away the summer, but with fall on the horizon we’ve selected eight nourishing items to help ease your way into the cooler days.


1. Jubel Naturals Bath Soaks, $20

JubelsNothing marks the beginning of fall like a long, warm soak in the tub, and Jubel Naturals has just the product for you. Rejuvenate your body and create a floral oasis with the Soft Rose bath soak, or unwind and relax with Serenity’s herbaceous blend to calm the mind. Both contain cocoa butter to soften, soothe and hydrate the skin, and can be combined to create an explosion of the senses. Just fill up your tub, sprinkle in a generous amount, then sit back and let all of that stress melt away.
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2. Opagee Scent-free Repair Cream, $30

OpageeOpageeAfter a summer spent in and out of water, embracing the heat, and lathering on the sunscreen, your skin is going to need a little extra boost of moisture this falland Opagee’s Repair Cream will do just that. Crafted with shea butter and organic aloe, this repair cream hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes from head to toe, and is especially recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis, working particularly well on areas like hands, elbows, feet and knees.
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3. Blush Peony Rose Gold Measuring Cups ($15) and Spoons ($9.99)

Spoons‘Tis the season for baking. We’re talking pumpkin pies, apple cakes, snickerdoodlesbasically, any and all flavours that remind us of being curled up next to a fire, we’re embracing. And these super cute baking utensils from Blush Peony are just the accessory to get you started on your culinary adventure. They cover all your basic measurements (1 cup,1/2 cup,1/3 cup and 1/4 cup; 1 tbsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp and 1/4 tsp) and are also the perfect prop when you want to instagram your masterpiece. 
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4. Les Petits Bas by Mimi & August, $12.99

Mimi & augustMimi & AugustWe love a fun, pretty sock, especially after a summer of open-toed shoes. Designed in Montreal and ethically made in Peru, Les Petits Bas “little socks” from Mimi & August are super-soft and trap heat close to the foot, ensuring your toes stay warm and cozy all season. Pick between the peach Palmas style or the grey Marguerite style and jazz up your outfit any day of the week. 
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5. Huna Nourish Calendula Healing Oil, $60

HunaHunaWhile I’m sure you’ve been plastering on the SPF this summer, Huna’s Calendula Healing Oil is the perfect edition to your skincare regime to help repair skin this fall. Containing 99 percent pure calendula flower extract infused into organic camellia oil, it helps promotes rapid healing, improves skin’s hydration and firmness levels, and contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to reduce redness, soothe irritation, and promote healthy skin.
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6. MIFA Eucalyptus Mood Mist, $38

MifaMIFA & co.Give your space a refresh this fall with MIFA’s Eucalyptus Mood Mist. This 100 percent natural spray is a purifying blend of Bulgarian lavender water, organic witch hazel, organic eucalyptus and organic tea tree essential oils. It was created to “restore, refresh and reset your experience by encouraging daily connection to self, deep breathing and relaxing.” 
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7. Canvas Candle in Bloom, $18

Canvas candleCanvas CandleKeep the scents of summer alive with this limited-edition, hand-poured, soy candle from B.C.’s Canvas Candle Co.  Featuring notes of orchid and fig, the beautiful fragrance is inspired by the “warmth of the sun drifting the essence of bright florals under your nose,” and will be a welcomed scent on greyer days.
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8. Mimi & August Café Yo Cup, $23

mimiMimi & AugustGet ready for your fall-inspired beverages and say no to plastic with the Café Yo Cup from Montreal’s Mimi & August. The perfect accessory to keep your drink warm on the go, this 14-oz compostable bamboo mug is BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free, and comes with its own matching silicone sleeve and sealable lid. Plus, it’s super-cute floral pattern makes it the ultimate fall accessory. 
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