Armoury District Listing

A listing of places to shop, eat and be inspired in Vancouver's Armoury District.

Armoury District Lisitings

See below for a list of all the places to visit in Vancouver’s design neighbourhood, the Armoury District

Art Galleries + Studios

Gallery Jones1725 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-714-2216
Janice Wong Studio1707 Fir Street, Vancouver 604-267-0321
Lattimer Gallery: 1590 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-732-4556
Westbridge Fine Art Gallery1737 Fir Street, Vancouver 

Alda Pereira: #601 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-736-2179
Aurelia Jewels: 1731 Fir Street, Vancouver 604-737-2973
Leap Creative1675 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver 
Omer Arbel: #600–1706 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver 604-639 5192
Fine Food Purveyors
Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks1740 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, 604-688-6755
Café Bica1809 Fir Street, Vancouver, 604-733-8818 
Chocolate Arts: 1620 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, 604-739-0475 
Oyaji Sushi: 1542 2nd Ave West, Vancouver, 604-733-7396
Pacific Culinary Institute1505 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-734-4488
Patisserie LeBeau1728 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-731-3528
Quince Boutique Food Shop: 1780 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-731-4645
Quince Cooking School1780 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-731-4645

Fine Furniture + Home Decor
Ambient Bathroom Furniture#101 1669 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-709-9415

Banner Carpets Ltd.: 1770 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-734-1136
Bocci: #500 1706 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver 604-639-5185
Bradford Hardware#101 1626 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-569-0783
Brougham Interiors1855 Fir Street, Vancouver 604-736-8822
Casa Home Décor: 1636 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-263-8525
Crystalworks Designs1760 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-732-3870
East India Carpets1606 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-736-5681
Katharine Edwards Soft Furnishings1711 Fir Street, Vancouver 604-251-2300
Livingspace#120 1706 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver 604-683-1116
Luminosa1840 Fir Street, Vancouver 604-734-0829
Metropolitan Home: #102 1626 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-681-2313
Mint Interiors: 1805 Fir Street, Vancouver 604-568-3430
Redl Kitchen Studio: 1669 W 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-681-4457
Stone Tile1775 Pine Street, Vancouver 604-731-9948
Sublime Interiors: #101 1880 Fir Street
, Vancouver 604-688-5487
Three Centuries Shop: 1662 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-685-8808
Nexus Construction#200 1626 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-228-4000

Health, Fitness, Personal Care
Alta Moda Hair Salon: #101 1633 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver 604-681-1177
Maude Hair Salon631 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver 604-730-9933

Specialty Services
Hyper Focus Wedding Photography: #126 1628 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver 604-710-2969