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A grassroots campaign to get local sushi chefs thinking about sustainability has culminated with the naming of Sushi Bento Express on Robson Street as the most environmentally sound sushi spot in Vancouver’s West End.

The campaign to green the city’s sushi joints originated with Emily Jubenvill, who began organizing what she calls a “PodMob” in early November. The idea was to gather the support of like-minded consumers, then present restaurants with an enticement: Pledge to do more than any other sushi restaurant to promote sustainability, and we’ll give you the support of our mob.

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Sushi Bento Express pledged to label menu items according to the Seafood Watch Sustainable Sushi Guide and offer at least one menu item that meets the guide’s “Best Choice” criteria. The restaurant will also donate 31 percent of its revenue on November 20 to greening its operations.

In return, Jubenvill has pledged to swarm the restaurant with customers on November 20. As an added bonus, she has also delivered valuable media coverage to the West End eatery: Jubervill was interviewed about her PodMob on CBC Radio’s BC Almanac on Nov. 12.

Join the mob: If you’d like to support the initiative, plan a meal at Sushi Bento Express on November 20, 11:30am to 11:00pm.



Q&A with Emily Jubenvill after the PodMob event. What makes Emily Jubenvill the planet's second greenest person anyway?

Sushi Bento Express is located at 1258 Robson St (between Jervis and Bute). Click the map below.


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