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Sarah Groundwater Law and Aubrey Arnason are The Wedding Belles

The Wedding Belles captures the highs and lows leading up that special day

Sarah Groundwater Law and Aubrey Arnason began their journey as a bride-to-be and a bridesmaid, respectively, covering the many facets of wedding planning and the exciting journey to the altar

Their show, The Wedding Belles, is a series of lively videos following the pair’s quest to find the best options for Law’s big day, sharing lessons, tips and fascinating wedding tidbits along the way.

The bubbly and entertaining duo is a pleasure to watch on screen, and amid much laughter and goofing around, they offer up sound advice and provide inspiration for all types of weddings. Law tied the knot in Italy last summer and, since then, the Wedding Belles have continued in their crusade to help brides plan their perfect day. The series airs on Shaw TV and all episodes can also be viewed online

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