safari dance party vancouver

safari dance party vancouver

While the Victory Square Block Party is off this year, Girlfight is bringing SAFARI to parks across the city. The FREE event features 12 great local bands and two BBQs across three parks. 


Here’s a Facebook link to the event. (Become a fan to receive updates, etc.)

And here's a lineup for park-hoppers:


Crab Park: 12–3 p.m.

•    Glaciers (on MySpace)

•    Babe Rainbow (DJ set) (on MySpace)

•    Aerosol Constellations (on MySpace)

•    Spectrum Interview (Website)

•    Diadem

•    (Gabe Saloman)


Maclean Park: 3–6 p.m.

•    Certain Breeds (on MySpace)

•    Haunted Beard (on MySpace)

•    Andy Dixon (on MySpace)

•    Shaunn Watt (on MySpace)


Strathcona Park: 6–10 p.m. (presented by FARAWAY and CiTR)

•    Makeout Videotape (on MySpace)

•    MT-40 (on MySpace)

•    Walter TV (on MySpace)

•    FARAWAY // RADIOZERO DJs: Tortilla Tyler Fedchuck, Coconut Cam Dales, and Mandarin Matt Owchar (Expendable Youth on MySpace)


After-party – Hugeness 2: midnight til whenever (location TBA)

•    Featuring Girlfight DJs Andy Dixon & Michael LaPointe

•    With a special performance by: Basketball (on MySpace)

Here’s a video to get you excited, courtesy of Babe Rainbow, a.k.a. former Victory Square Block Party and current Music Waste festival organizer Cam Reed.



Babe Rainbow - Popcommon (promotional video) from C Reed on Vimeo.