Credit: Flickr / Roland

Transit: to love it or hate it.

For the most part I love transit, specifically Vancouver transit. Yeah, yeah, it's crowded, you might be standing, but really, you're not responsible for much, so relax!

If I can grab a seat, awesome—I’ll zone out and stare out the window or pull out a book and read. If I have to stand no big deal—usually I challenge myself to a balancing contest by grabbing the rubber handle. What a great way to stay in shape without actually exercising!

Honestly, not dealing with vehicular traffic and looking for parking trumps the smells and crowds every time. Driving is great when I'm in White Rock visiting and everyone has a fricken driveway. But here? No way! I can't be bothered.

In many ways, much of my satisfaction and happiness with Vancouver transit comes from choices I’ve made. First, I live in the West End—almost anything I could need or want is within a 10–20-minute walk. Who even needs a bus? And for the times I do, I only live two blocks away from a bus stop. This makes it super convenient and quick to get on a bus. Plus, I find where ever I am going, Translink always gets me there. Not to sound like a spokesperson, but Translink's Trip Planner is an awesome way to plan trips around town. Lastly, I made sure the bus stop down the street is able to take me to work. Yup, in under 30 minutes, door to door!

Not all people are as fortunate as me to live so conveniently near a bus, nor even a bus that takes them to work. But if you’re moving, I urge you to consider these factors in your location choice.

Oh and hey, let’s not forget one of the best reasons for taking the bus: it’s super cheap! I can get anywhere around the city for under $80 a month!