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GREENFOOT is a web-based environmental community whose participants are ranked according to their measured “carbon footprint” at home and in...

REALITY: China rising... with sustainability in mind?

I spent the last three weeks travelling through the world’s fastest growing nation—China. Being of Chinese ancestry myself, I was all proud that I would fit snuggly into the cultural environment like a Spiderman at a 2007 Halloween party. Unfortunately,

GREEN: China’s newly emerging “green shift”

While Davin was lounging in hotels and attempting to suck his soft drink from the hole in the lid (we know you tried it too!), I was contemplating the merits of China’s newly emerging “green shift.” It sounds like they’re...

My Journey to 2030, Part Two

<<< Go back to "Guy Dauncey's vision of a sustainable Future Vancouver" Johanna’s family didn’t own a car, she explained, as...

REALITY: Why not? I'm on vacation

When it comes to taking vacation, I classify people into three general categories. If you are in sales and marketing and you know about customer archetypes, you will find these groupings to be somewhat simplistic, but that’s fine with me...

GREEN: Green my vacation

Don’t expect to give up running water, electricity or luxury in order to green your next vacation. Whether you’re looking...

Guy Dauncey's vision of a sustainable Future Vancouver

T hose lucky enough to attend the International Climate Impacts and Responses: Implications for BC’s Future dialogue and panel discussion at...

My Journey to 2030, Part One

<<< Go back to "Guy Dauncey's vision of a sustainable Future Vancouver" My story begins with an accident of nature—I was cycling, and fell, but even as I was falling I knew this was no ordinary fall. It’s true, I had...

Breaking the gasoline habit

Want the full comfort of a regular car, without the gas-guzzling engine? Here are the options available in B.C. Also commonly...

Plug 'n play

It’s a hot sunny day in late September and Danny Epp is standing in his backyard in Tsawwassen with a...

Ford Ranger XL 2009

Ford Ranger 2009 Many rural, suburban and even urban drivers adore the Ranger's big-truck attitude and affordable price, making it the best-selling American pickup truck for 17 years.

Vancouver: The Greenest City in the West

Ecodensity is happening; it’s real. Some argue that it has already made Vancouver the greenest and most sustainable city in...

We like to move it, move it

Traffic jams for hours on end. Freeways cutting an ugly concrete gouge through the city centre. An epidemic of road...

Travel local

My officemate waited until he’d tucked into his sandwich before he brought the topic up. That ingrate. I was buying...

Glaciers and their fancy plumbing

We're not getting a lot of good news about glaciers these days, and an academic paper coming out on Friday...

From bad to worse

If you think it's bad that the mountain pine beetle will kill 80 percent of B.C.'s pine forests in the...

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