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How do millions of salmon disappear?

Our fearless Fraser River adventurer-bloggers wonder how millions of salmon can disappear?

Precious water

Life aboard a sailboat offers lessons on water consumption for landlubbers, too.

Chopping, wacking, hacking and hiking the Goat River Valley

The SLLP adventurers see the Goat Valley and the untouched nature.

Goat River Heritage Trail

The SLLP team help clear the trail to Northstar Creek to finally jump into its cold, cold water.

Kind hearts and hospitality, camping in the Culps' garden

The SLLP participants meet the Culps, who tell them tales about the bridge, lilacs and hummingbirds.

The team comes together

It's amazing how easily relationships can form when you all share common interests and concerns.

Paddle to Holliday Creek

A long day of paddling offers an eye-full of wildlife aplenty for the SLLP team.

In search of a trail

The team sets trail for Kinney Lake in Mt. Robson Provincial Park, the most beautiful lake our blogger Mike has...

Launch of the Cedar Spirit

The first launch of the Cedar Spirit canoe before the big adventure on the Fraser River.

Abundance: Living within our means everyday

Reaping the rewards of a 100-mile diet and a lesson in abundance.

Awaiting the ‘Trip of a Lifetime’

"I feel inspired and reassured that my decision to come on this trip was definitely the right one!"

Introducing the SLLP bloggers

Three of the eleven participants are going to share their experience with you. Find out who they are...

Paddling the Lower Fraser River

Fraser River journey teaches young leaders ecological sustainability, social equity and stewardship.

Berry leisurely Ladner

A touch of the bucolic, just a few minutes drive from Vancouver.

Transit: to love it or hate it

Not dealing with traffic or parking offsets transit's smells and crowds.

Built to Last

Saving one heritage building is worth a dozen new green buildings.

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