The Ultimate B.C. Staycation Guide: The Bright Future of Revelstoke

A golfer's dream, with new greens coming in 2024.

It was just before the 2007 meltdown and I, a young cub reporter, was dispatched to Revelstoke to meet with the legendary British golfer Sir Nick Faldo, who had been retained to design a world-class golf course near the base of the newly revamped ski hill, thus cementing Revy’s ascendency as a year-round playground for the well-heeled. We all know what happened next: once the stock market tanked, the first thing to go was pricey destination golf courses… and while the ski hill is amazing, I think it’s fair to say it still remains a hidden-secret sorta place, not soon to be a stop on the global jet set circuit. (Which, I should add, suits most residents just fine, thank you very much.)

But the announcement last year that the team behind the Cabot course that had turned New Brunswick into a serious global destination didn’t just revive that long-ago dream—it doubled down on it. Rod Whitman, the West’s greatest golf course designer, has created a new layout right near the old Faldo one at the base of Mount MacKenzie—right near the gondola—and there’s a housing development planned as well. The only downside? It’s not set to open until 2024. But, until then, there’s the surprisingly excellent Revelstoke Golf Club course, a track with a 124-year-old legacy and a fantastic layout—and that can still be enjoyed with the calm idyll that Revelstoke specializes in.

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