Goat River Heritage Trail

The SLLP team help clear the trail to Northstar Creek to finally jump into its cold, cold water.

Credit: Flickr / Padraic

Goat River Heritage Trail, August 13

Yesterday we pulled the Cedar Spirit out of the river at Crescent Spur just after 6 p.m. After loading the canoe and rearranging gear, we travelled into the Goat River Valley, where we set up camp as dark settled into the valley. Despite the falling rain and a late dinner—well past 10 p.m.—the group is still in great spirits. There is eager anticipation for the morning light to reveal the backdrop to this new campsite.

Today was a day of giving back as we worked alongside members of the Fraser Headwaters Alliance, clearing portions of the Goat River Heritage Trail. Nine of us worked with Roy and Chantal, who had chainsaws to cut through the windfall. Our goal was to clear the trail to Northstar Creek, and we are rewarded for our hard work; we arrive at Northstar around 4:30 p.m.

The Goat River takes a sharp turn just upstream from where Northstar enters the Goat, and it is here in this sharp turn that the most magnificent pool of crystal clear, blue-green water glistens. We climb down to the rocky beach and eagerly take off muddy shoes and socks, and jump into the exhilaratingly cold, cold water.