Using Word of Mouth for Travel Planning

Don't just rely on the Internet - ask friends and family for travel tips and advice

Credit: Flickr/ Bibi

Turns out word of mouth beats books and the Web when planning a trip

Planning your next holiday? Make sure you speak to your well-travelled friends first

Through the Internet we have access to massive amounts of information on just about any place in the world: destinations, hotels, attractions – you name it!

A recent survey, however, through Directline Holidays found that travellers aren’t relying on the web for their vacation planning but are instead, using good old-fashioned word of mouth.


Family and Friends Influence Travel Choices

Almost 50% of travellers surveyed said they are influenced by the opinions and experiences of family, friends and colleagues when selecting key parts of their travel plans, and not travel websites, social media and even sites like TripAdvisor.

Travellers seem to feel more confident relying on the first- or even second-hand opinions of those they are closest to. It turns out less than 1% of those surveyed rely on social media when choosing their holiday destination.

Travel Info Overload?

Although websites like TripAdvisor and boast unbiased ratings and reviews of destinations, accommodations and attractions, the information can be overwhelming. Opinions can vary drastically depending on variables like personal opinions and preferences, time of travel, etc. Reviews from sites like these should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Be creative and have confidence in where YOU want to go and what YOU want to see. But definitely ask around. You may just get a tip that can result in the trip of a lifetime!

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