Credit: Sven Segal

When the weather warms, fashionistas and beach bums alike can be seen sporting the ever-present flip-flop, and now Vancouverites can skip the rubber flip in favour of one that’s a lot more planet friendly. Po-Zu (the name is taken from the Japanese word for “pause”), has introduced a new line of summer sandals, which includes Ziggy and Flynn, adjustable flip-flops fashioned from organic hemp or leather.

These chic sandals can easily maintain a foothold in the ecofashion market. The organically grown hemp is hypoallergenic and mould resistant, and inhibits bacteria growth. The Hemp Rose hue comes from low-impact dyes that are free of heavy metals, and long-lasting leather is organically tanned with vegetable extracts from the bark of the mimosa and quebracho trees.

The flip-flops’ comfy “foot mattresses” are made from coir, a combination of coconut fibre and pure vegetable latex. And Po-Zu sandals come in a coir shoebox that doubles as a decomposable seed tray, which can be planted right into the ground.

Po-Zu even scores points in the strange-but-true department with its newest creation: an edible shoe cream. Comprised of natural ingredients, it can be used as a skin moisturizer, lip balm, hair conditioner or—if you dare—a spread for your morning toast!

Whether you’re lithe and light on your feet, or someone who strides with a purpose, this summer, take a little time to po-zu, and lighten your footprint on the planet.

Find Po-Zu sandals at Holt Renfrew and Granville Island Organix, or online at www.po-zu.com.