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At the foot of the Cascade Mountains live a group of the most pampered, privileged turkeys around. They’re encouraged to run free in the great outdoors, basking in the sunlight and scarfing down only certified organic feed and grass, and when it gets cold the Deschamp family make sure they’re kept warm. These gobblers live a rich life indeed before arriving on your dinner plate.

Leo, a former construction and nuclear plant worker, and his wife Shelley, a former secretary, have been in the turkey business for 20 years and officially organic since 1999 when they became B.C.’s first certified handler of certified organic meat.

Organa Farms


“It’s farming back to basics,” explains Shelley. “People are food-sensitive nowadays, so it’s good to keep things as pure as we can.” They offer free home delivery into the city on orders of $125 or more, and they’ll also deliver beef, chicken, bison and pork from other local producers they network with.