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Vancouver city council mandates electric car infrastructure in all new housing developments

Vancouver city council has approved new regulations requiring charging stations for electric vehicles in all new condo and apartment buildings.

Effective in 18 months, developers will have to ensure that at least 20 percent of parking stalls be fitted with the 220-volt plug-in required to charge electric cars. The requirement also applies to some city-owned parking lots.

“This is a positive, prudent, and forward-thinking choice that clearly demonstrates Vancouver’s leadership” said Don Chandler, past president of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association. Within hours of the decision, advocates across North America were in touch with his organization, seeking details of the regulations that might set the standard for North America, said Chandler.Electric car charging station

Developers, meanwhile, complain that the requirement imposes an added cost for an unproven technology. Estimates range from $500 to $2,000 per parking stall.

"Let's not forget, a few years ago, many people in Canada and the United States were talking about a hydrogen highway, and we haven't heard much about that,” Jeff Fisher, deputy executive director of the Urban Development Institute, told CBC News earlier this week. “And now it appears to be electric cars."

What do you think? Is city council making the right decision? Do you support mandatory electric car infrastructure in Vancouver?

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