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Vancouver's Greenest City Action Team propose measures for city-wide composting, green jobs, efficiency requirements and more

According to a press release from the city today, Vancouver is making rapid progress toward becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020.


This afternoon’s Greenest City Action Team update to Vancouver City Council revealed a number of the team’s “Quick Start” actions to address environmental sustainability were already underway or complete—including the mayor’s City Hall community garden—with more to follow.


Priority is given to actions focusing on reducing carbon dependency and supporting ways to stimulate green jobs.


Those highlighted today include requiring efficiency upgrades for renovations to one- and two-family dwellings; working with six of the largest greenhouse gas producers to improve efficiencies and switch to renewable energy; advocating for immediate investment in public transit; developing a strategy for creating green jobs; and, as Councillor Andrea Reimer tweeted today of her personal pet project, implementing city-wide composting with an expanded organics collection program for single-family areas and food waste diversion options for multi-family and commercial areas as part of Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Challenge.


Other action items include:

>    Promotion of tap water

>    Adaptive LED street light project

>    Support for the introduction of electric vehicles


The Greenest City Action Team is expected to present a 10-year plan based on feedback to its Greenest City Quick Start Recommendations [PDF] to Council this fall.


Learn more:

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