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Granville magazine columnist Vanessa Richmond is a Vancouver writer with an interest in pop culture. She writes on a number of local issues, and her social commentary takes a closer look at emerging trends.


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Film: the final frontier – Vancouver's film and TV industry is slowly pulling itself towards sustainability.

Sex: the final frontier – Why do we tolerate toxic plastic and excessive packaging in sex toys?

Rua garden? – YUGs: Young urban gardeners are determined to grow their own... even if they can't find they pointy end of a shovel.

Cheap and cheerful – All of a sudden it's cool to be thrify. Richmond, notices unrestrained consumption is unfashionable.

Beauty and the eco-beast – Style blogs democratize fashion as part of a larger cultural shift.

The dirt on green cleaners – Cleaning products come out of the closet.



Feature article:


Dress local – A new generation of designers opts for sustainables.