DIY bike maintenance
Credit: Flickr / Coal and Ice

DIY bike maintenance

How to clean and lube a bike chain? Easy! Eric Lorenz gives us a quick-'n-dirty tutorial on cleaning and lubing a gritty bike chain

Here, Eric Lorenz shows Granville magazine how to clean and lube a bike chain in under five minutes.


Eric Lorenz, VACC
Eric Lorenz, commuter cycling skills and
bicycle maintenance instructor for the
Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition.

What you need:

1. Degreaser (citrus-based, biodegradable)
2. Chain cleaner
3. Lube (organic, biodegradable)
4. A dedicated rag
5. Gear cleaner (optional, for a really thorough cleaning)
6. 10 minutes maximum, though really more like five


Where to do it:

Because Eric came to the Granville offices to give a bicycle maintenance workshop, we set up shop in our boardroom, laying a tarp down to protect the floor. Don't do this.

Instead, clean and lube your bike chain in the street or alley to, as Eric says, "give back to the street what came to the street." Just make sure you are using natural, biodegradable degreaser and lube.


Special thanks to Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition for offering this great workshop. And more thanks to TubeMogul for their help in uploading the video to YouTube, Yahoo! and other video sites!