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"To see them here, it is hard to believe how timid, wild and fearful they were when they were first rescued. So affectionate and loving," write Nakuspienne, the poster of this YouTube video, who also reports a happy ending for the orphans "Chloe (now Clea) and Bugsy (now Oreo) [now] all grown up in their forever home!"


Vancouver kitten adoption program raised more than 1,400 cute, well-adjusted kitties in private homes around the city in 2009 alone


Our editorial assistant and resident cat fanatic Davinia posted this on Facebook. 23 seconds of pure cute as foster kittens Chloe and Bugsy from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) play out a familiar scene.


VOKRA is a fantastic Vancouver-based organization that puts orphan kittens and mom-cats with kittens together with responsible homes, who adopt outright or choose to foster the cats, either out of a desire to find the perfect feline friend or because it suits their lifestyle.


The woman behind the operation is Karen Duncan, running things mainly out of her home in Kits. Though backed by a board of directors, she is truly the heart of VOKRA, ensuring that new foster parents and owners know what they're getting into as well as educating them on the raw food that is provided free of charge for the cats' proper nutrition.


(Cats, being true carnivores, are meant to eat only meat and are healthier, both physically and emotionally, when placed on a diet of raw meat. Ask your vet!)


Because the kittens are kept in private homes (more than 100 in the Lower Mainland, in fact), as opposed to shelters with hordes of other cats, and fed a healthy diet, they are often much more well adjusted, protected from parasites and other illnesses, and less likely to be traumatized by their time in transition, with ample love and attention. As well, prospective owners are able to get a better idea of a cat's true nature as a result.


It does mean more time must sometimes be invested to find the right cat, as you must first look through the website, find profiles for kittens you'd be interested in meeting and then set up individual meeting times at each private home. However, this process means you are more likely to take home the right cat as opposed to the right now cat, and it provides a bit more insurance to VOKRA that you will be a committed pet owner.


As with other cat rescue programs, VOKRA provides a free spay/neutering certificate to be redeemed when the kitten is ready for such treatment.


To view kittens and cats or to donate to this important organization, visit: the VOKRA website.