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Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Using Heart Rate Training Zones to Burn More Fat

The common formula they use to determine your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. But this formula was never...

Weight Loss
Burn Calories Doing Household Chores

Even doing everyday household chores burns calories, plus it gets your body up and engaged in a variety of movements. Check...

Weight Loss
13 Ridiculous and Dangerous Diets

Have you ever been so desperate to lose weight that you'd consider swallowing tapeworm eggs? Well, you wouldn't be alone

Weight Loss
The Best Diet for Weight Loss

Only five percent of dieters maintain their weight loss for more than a year. Here's how to become one of those five percenters

Weight Loss
How a Positive Attitude Can Speed up 
Weight Loss

It’s easy to sabotage your efforts at making a change when you frame your self-talk in negative terms. How can...

Weight Loss
Marijuana Stops Muscle Development

That’s because marijuana interferes with the hormone interactions necessary to build muscle.
 Chemicals found in marijuana impair the transmission of signals...

Weight Loss
Help Shedding Winter Weight

It’s estimated that the average winter weight gain among Canadians can be as much as three to four pounds. And...

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