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Health & Fitness
The Real Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water—hot or cold—first and foremost helps you to stay well-hydrated. Cuff recommends that you start your day with...

3 Tips for When It's Time to Indulge

It’s very easy to overload plates with the abundance available at this time of year. Instead, try using a smaller...

Health & Fitness
Eat Vegetables With This for Better Heart Health

Eating your veggies may be just as effective as Aspirin to thin the blood for heart-health benefits, several studies suggest.

Health & Fitness
10 Best B.C. Spas of 2017

It’s no secret that British Columbia has some of the best spas around. From the heart of Vancouver to the...

Health & Fitness
The Common Cold: When to Stay Away

According to the Health Information section of, a few sniffles and a dry, infrequent cough mean that you are...

Health & Fitness
The Truth Behind the Turkey Coma

Andrea Hardy, RD of Ignite Nutrition Inc. in Calgary, says that lethargic state after a big holiday meal isn’t necessarily...

Health & Fitness
10 Fast Facts About Your Body

Do you know how many times your heart beats per day? How much you blink in a minute? How long it takes to digest food? Find out

Shopping & Style
Your First Look at Lush's New Robson Street Store

Once just a single storefront in Vancouver’s West End, Lush Cosmetics has boomed in its last two decades of North...

Shopping & Style
Vancouver's Seymour + Smith Makes Reading Glasses Stylish

As the age of 40 looms, something strange happens at dinner parties: reservations are made, menus are distributed… and then...

Health & Fitness
How to Tell if Your Dog Is Happy

Oprah Winfrey was chastised by Instagram users on Mother's Day when she referred to dogs as “fur children” but, for...

Health & Fitness
How to Cultivate a Gratitude Practice That Sticks

Dr. Rotem Regev of the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute explains the benefits of making gratitude a part of your daily routine

Health & Fitness
5 Top Tips to Help You Combat Runner's Stomach

Does running through the park have you running to the bathroom? Check out these top tips on how to tame your tummy on your next jog

Health & Fitness
How to Balance Long-distance Relationships and Your Mental Health

With a lack of physical contact and dependency on technology to keep in touch, couples in long-distance relationships face additional...

Health & Fitness
How to Cope with Nocturnal Anxiety Attacks

For most people, there’s nothing better than settling into bed after a long day. For some, however, sleep doesn’t always...

25 Incredible Hiking Trails in British Columbia

If you think that 'Beautiful British Columbia' has become a trite moniker, it's time to get off the sofa. This province...

9 Ways to Embrace Your Creativity

The author who taught us all to eat, pray, love and be happy is now the poster girl for creativity

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