Native plants promote low-maintenance gardening and have a number of other benefits

The term “native plant” simply means a plant species that occurs naturally in a specific geographical area. There are many wonderful plants native to BC, and many non-natives that have been brought to our province by traveling humans, birds and cargo. Make an informed choice on whether, and when, it may be advantageous to buy native plants. It is important to select the right plant for the right place.

What are the benefits of native plants?

Save energy and time. Native plants suit today’s interest in “low-maintenance” gardening and landscaping. They’re an excellent addition to garden plantings.

Native plants are no different from ornamentals.

Some require water year-round, others cope with extremes of water and drought. The key question is: What is the plant’s natural environment, regardless of where it comes from?

Natives are better adapted to pests and diseases common to the areas where they naturally grow.

They also attract wildlife. However, be aware that berry-producing plants might encourage visits from wildlife that could put humans and pests at risk. The wonderful biodiversity of BC provides a beautiful, easily maintained naturescape garden. Find out what plants are generally available and how to care for them at the Native Plant Society of BC website. Other ideas can be found at Evergreen’s resource-rich site.