Credit: Cillas

Q: I have a honeysuckle vine that has been in the ground for over 3 years, gets moderate sun, grows to about 10 ft. its base is sheltered, and has never produced one flower... What's up with that? (I live in zone 3).

I am assuming that you are growing the most winter-hardy honeysuckle, Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet'. This selection is a Canadian introduction by Dr. Frank Skinner from the research station at Dropmore, Manitoba.

There are several possible reasons for honeysuckle not flowering:

1. Inadequate light – full sun is generally suggested for most honeysuckle vines.

2. Juvenility – plants may flower the first season but could require up to three seasons to settle before putting on adequate growth.

3. Improper pruning – ‘Dropmore Scarlet’ honeysuckle usually flowers on laterals produced from previous season's growth; if you prune those, you will eliminate next season’s flowers.

4. Excessive fertilizer – honeysuckle requires average soil fertility with adequate moisture during growing season.

5. Winter damage – growing less winter-hardy cultivars other than "Dropmore Scarlet".