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Eight Vancouver and Canadian fashion designers to get excited about at Vancouver's 2010 One of a Kind Show & Sale, December 9–12


Last year's One of a Kind Show & Sale poked a pretty big hole in my wallet, but I bear it no grudge, seeing as how I got to give some truly unique artisan gifts and also scored some beautiful accessories that I've been putting to great use.


One of a Kind Show & Sale

December 9–12, 2010

Vancouver Convention Centre,

1055 Canada Place, Vancouver

Daily fashion shows: Thursday and Friday at 6 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday at noon and 3 p.m.

With about 250 vendors coming from across North America, the third annual event will again offer tons of cool stuff in crafts, gourmet cooking, home decor, green living, body care, baby products and, of course, fashion—which plays such a big part in the show that it has its own district.


I started looking through the list of style vendors to see what's in store, and boy, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to resist visiting every single booth... but here are eight local and Canadian designers that are definitely on the must-see list.


Plus, there will be daily fashion shows on the Main Stage where you can see top picks from participating designers in action and get some style inspirations too!



Love Jules belt


Love Jules


A great line of leatherwork based out of Whister, BC. The incredible details on the belts—dyed, etched, painted and embossed by designer Jules Vagelatos—just blow me away. (The only drawback may be prolonged stares at your mid-region.)



Canadian fashion label Penniless Fashionista

From the Dru's Design Fall 2010 collection, by lead designer Meghan Irish.


Woven Studios


This will be a fun one—actually, make that "four in one." Woven Studios is a collaborative space based in Vancouver shared by a group of independent designers, and you'll get to meet four of them at the show: Little Houses Clothing, Love Made Me, Dru's Design and The Penniless Fashionista.



Toodlebunny jewelry




Vancouver jewelry designer Trudy Wynans certainly knows how to wake up an outfit. The Toodlebunny line of handmade jewelry is an eclectic mix of notice-me glam, feminine charm, vintage dreams and nature inspirations.



Bronsino Designs Leather Bag


Bronsino Designs


Simply put: beautiful, supple and practical leather bags that you won't want to put down. Denise Wilson sources all her leather from Italy but processes it here in Vancouver and uses all the scraps for other products.



Morena Clothing


Morena Clothing


This sweet and feminine line of eco clothing gets a lot of its flirty charm from the artful pastische of upcycled vintage fabrics and knit lace details.







One of Vancouver's marquee local ecofashion labels, Nixxi is enjoying a strong Fall/Winter 2010 season with its signature elegance and delectably soft fabrics.



Kam & Lee


Kam & Lee


Kamila Gougain and Lacey Lee Yorston are recent fashion graduates from the Art Institute of Vancouver. I couldn't find too many pictures of their designs, but it does seem to be an interesting line of fresh urban streetwear. Looking forward to checking out more at the show!



Desperately Different clothing

(Image: Andrew Maidanik)


Desperately Different


Rich colours, luxurious draping and just all-around hot styles from Toronto designer Katya Revenko.



Rachel F recycled fur and leather accessories

From the Fall/Winter Toquée et coquette (Wild and stylish) collection. (Images: Nico Stinghe & Sébastien Desgagné)


rachel .f.


Montreal designer Rachel Fortin transforms discarded fur and leather into gorgeous new accessories such as belts, handbags, purses, hats, jackets, earrings and scarves.



Davinia Yip


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