Andrew the Intern Embraces Life on The Kid Carson Show

Andrew the Intern explains how he became a regular member of Vancouver's top-rated morning radio show

21-year-old Andrew Sosa was plucked out of relative obscurity to become an intergral part of The Kid Carson Show

Andrew the Intern is Vancouver radio’s youngest on-air personality

Known as Andrew the Intern on the top-rated Kid Carson Show on The Beat (94.5FM), Andrew Sosa can currently lay claim to being the youngest on-air personality on the Vancouver radio airwaves.

Just 21 years of age, the ever-affable lad has quickly amassed a sizable fan following since his impromptu debut in June 2010, when he was spontaneously recruited to test co-host Amy Beeman’s breast pump live on-air. “Talk about being nervous!” says the young DJ.

An admitted drama geek, Sosa was elected Student Council President in his senior year and upon graduating Richmond’s H.J. Cambie Secondary in 2008, enrolled at BCIT where he earned his diploma in Radio Broadcasting two years later.

“One of the requirements for my program was to complete an internship in the broadcasting field and I was fortunate to find my placement with the Kid Carson Show. That’s where I got the name ‘Andrew the Intern’,” he says.

“Once my internship was over, I was given the opportunity to cover maternity leaves. I guess by that point they didn’t have the heart to let me go and decided to keep me on permanently. Even though I’m technically not an intern anymore, the name has stuck with me and I really don’t mind it. After all, I am the youngest member of the team.”

Growing up as a fan of the morning show, becoming a member of the team serves as an especially gratifying achievement in his young broadcasting career.

“I actually grew up listening to Kid, Nira (Arora) and Amy on my way to high school every morning and would have never guessed that a few years down the road I would be working with them on the air,” Sosa tells me. “I look to them as my mentors and it’s really a privilege to work with a team that can show me the ropes and push me towards my career goals.”

One aspect of his emerging radio stardom is the recognition factor, something he’s clearly becoming familiar with.

“Most often people recognize me from my voice,” he tells me. “The first time this happened was at a BC Lions game. As I was talking to my friends, the people sitting in front of me turned around and asked if I was Andrew the Intern. That’s when it really hit me and I started realizing that people could recognize my voice even when they weren’t listening to me on the radio.”

As the baby of the bunch, Sosa often finds himself being literally thrown into the action, further fulfilling his duties as the show’s intern; a job that’s clearly never boring.

“Aside from drinking a blend of Nira and Amy’s breast milk; testing out a double breast pump; being electrocuted with a bear shocker and having to stab a nail through someone’s nose, there are definitely perks to being Andrew the Intern,” he admits.

“I’m extremely grateful to have this opportunity and never thought that waking up at 4am could actually become something I look forward to doing every morning.”

Don’t rule out hearing more from the ambitious young man going forward.
“Working side-by-side with Kid inspires me to have my own radio show,” he suggests.
“I’d love to have the experience of running a show from start to finish – and who knows, maybe even hire an intern of my own.”

Follow the exploits of Andrew the Intern on Twitter: @AndrewIntern945