Mindful Shopping: BC’s Boutique Wellness Stores

We took a peek into some of the province’s many holistic health and wellness boutiques. It’s easy to be swept away by the pleasant vibe and friendly atmosphere in these shops as they really are about guiding their customers to achieve balance in body, mind and spirit. With eco-friendly products, essential healing tools, reading materials and personal advice, we encourage everyone to visit these.


In 2020 a mother and daughter team took ownership of this well-loved health store that has been part of the community for twenty years, and they have kept the integrity of the business alive and well. Roberts Creek Wellbeing carries a deep inventory of health and wellness products including eco-friendly bath and body products, personal growth books, pretty journals you’ll want to write in, and more. Check out Take Care Apothics natural skincare, Bear essential oils, Natracare women’s products and other options to mainstream products.


Tap True


TAP True Aromatherapy Products & Spa owner Mona brings her many years of exploring the globe plus her spiritual and cultural influences to this destination for all-things wellness. Focusing on locally made, ethically sourced and small-batch products, this boutique and spa has it all, including healing crystals, smudging supplies, plus yoga and meditation accessories like singing bowls. House made diffuser oil blends are made with highest grade essential oils, and a range of Tap’s own bath and body products soothe the senses. Pink Himalayan salt lamps in a variety of sizes make choosing the perfect one for your home or office easy.


Phoenix Rising


Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium is a mystical, spiritual and wellness one-stop shop. They proudly carry fair trade products from around the globe, including therapeutic gems, fragrant incense, tarot cards, candles and jewelry made with healing crystals. Several practitioners offer a variety of services and workshops as well, with those visits made by appointment. Float around the store a few times, to take it all in while you browse. Lots of inventory here. 


Crystal Vibes


Crystal Vibes River Market focuses primarily on, you guessed it, the healing powers of crystals. Believed to accelerate one’s frequencies, dial into our highest potential and create balance; the team here are crystal experts with a deep knowledge. Tarot and oracle cards are for purchase, plus workshops and informational sessions are scheduled often.


White Lotus


White Lotus Divine Healing is located in old town Port Moody and owned and operated by a mother and daughter team who believe in supporting local artisans, herbalists and the community as a whole. Crystals sold here are carefully chosen, bath salts and herbal teas offer calm and healing, plus bookshelves are stocked with wellness themed information. Workshops, meditation circles, energy work and sound healings are also available to sign up for. If you’ve never dabbled in this type of gathering, consider this an investment in your own sweet self.