Style Lab: The Best Swimsuits from Vancouver Designers

Have you found your summer itsy bitsy bikini yet? Here's a hint: it's here in Vancouver.


Mirage Hipsterkini, $154, Anna Kosturova


Marceline, $180,

Available at Oliver & Lilly’s, 1520 West 13th Ave., 604-736-7774


The Twist, Trunkshow by Misty Greer, $165

Available at Scout Boutique, 152 East 8th Ave. at Main Street, 604-879-7903


Pattern Shift Bikini, $108, Anthropologie

2912 Granville St., 604-734-2529


The Marilyn Retro One-Piece by Pin Up Girl Clothing, $102

Available at Scout Boutique, 152 East 8th Ave. at Main St., 604-879-7903


Aqua Two-Piece, $24.95, H&M

633 Granville St., 604-692-0308


Charlotte, $185, Cuchè Bikinis

Available at Oliver & Lilly’s, 1520 West 13th Ave, 604-736-7774


Colorblock One-Piece, $49.99, Urban Outfitters

830 Granville St., 604-685-1970


Blue Doily Print Halter w/Cut-Out Back, Topshop

Perhaps by wearing an itsy bitsy bikini, we can coax the Vancouver sunshine out of hiding

So far, this hasn’t been the warmest summer. But maybe, as one cheery redhead likes to sing, “The sun’ll come out, tomorrow.” I don’t know if I’d bet my bottom dollar, but I think optimism is the only way to tackle Vancouver weather.


Or, as Kevin Costner demonstrated in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” Donning an itsy bitsy bikini should be enough to lure the sunshine to Van.


Beach Bombshells & Bathing Beauties Part II


June 23rd, 2011

6:00 p.m. – 9 p.m.


Scout Boutique, 152 East 8th Ave at Main St., Vancouver


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With that in mind, here’s a slideshow of the best suits from local designers—Vancouver has been blessed with a handful of truly skilled swimwear experts. I’ve also thrown in a few options from mainstream retail, to give you the full spectrum of the looks available this season. There’s skimpy crochet, vintage high-waists, bright onesies, fun prints, edgy cut-outs, sporty zippers and more.


Vancouver swimwear designers you must meet

Anna Kosturova
When Anna Kosturova first arrived in Vancouver from the Slovak side of the former Czechoslovakia, she worked in the kitchen at The Railway Club. Now this bombshell swimwear designer has headquarters in the Downtown Eastside and her sultry crochet swimsuits have been featured in the infamous Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition since 2006. She also designs beach cover ups; Jennifer Aniston wore a Kosturova dress on the movie poster for the romantic comedy Just Go With It, starring Adam Sandler, which came out in early spring.

Cuchè Bikinis by Eden Rausch

Cuchè is another local gem by designer Eden Rausch, who is dedicated to flattering the female form. Cuchè bikinis delicately reference vintage—think inspiration, not imitation—and are designed and produced in Vancouver, although they get international editorial coverage.

TrunkShow by Misty Greer

Misty Greer has been rocking the pin-up style scene for some time. Her new swimwear line, launched in time for beach season this year, transforms the iconic Betty Grable look into an edgy, timeless appeal—featuring hot, cut-out swimsuits that Debbie Harry would be proud to wear on stage. TrunkShow is available at Scout Boutique off Main, where you can also meet the designer June 23, when the boutique holds its summer fashion show “Beach Bombshells and Bathing Beauties.”