Discovering Stanley Park: Prospect Point Lookout’s Views and Beyond

After two years in BC, this Australian travel enthusiast discovers Stanley Park's window on some of Vancouver's best views

Credit: stephengg

Prospect Point in Stanley Park offers some of Vancouver’s most scenic views

It was another gorgeous summer weekend in Vancouver, and my partner suggested we enjoy the sunshine with a visit to Prospect Point in Stanley Park.

We’ve been living in Vancouver for almost two years, and no one had mentioned this lookout to me! I’ve been around the seawall more times than I can count, and in and out of the forests chasing squirrels, but this was a first!

Getting to Prospect Point 

Prospect Point is located on the northern tip of Stanley Park and gets fewer visitors than the seawall, so it’s a great spot to check out on busy weekends.

It’s also the highest point in Stanley Park, some 210 feet above the seawall, and boasts some amazing scenic views of the North Shore Mountains, the Lions Gate Bridge and Burrard Inlet.

Best of all, I was told it had the best ice cream in the city! It didn’t take much convincing to get me there after hearing that.

So off we went on a light hike through Stanley Park to reach Prospect Point. I enjoy the beautiful walk through the heart of Stanley Park more than pacing the seawall with the busy crowds. Taking in the peace and quiet and the scenic beauty of the surrounding old cedars is the most enjoyable part of the journey. 

As an Australian living in Canada though, I have to admit I still get excited every time I see a squirrel, so walking through the park is twice as rewarding for me!

The Lookout’s Views of Vancouver

Prospect Point is located at 5601 Stanley Park Drive and is an easy walk through a marked forest trail if coming from Third Beach. It is also accessible by car.

Upon arriving at the lookout and taking in the amazing sights, we had a special guest appearance by a raccoon. Apparently this is one of the best places in the park to spot the creatures, and they certainly aren’t shy!

Prospect Point Restaurant and Cafe

After taking in the views, we sat down to fresh fish and chips at the Prospect Restaurant and a glass of Mission Hill Chardonnay. British Columbian wines are some of the best in the world, and I am enjoying the challenge of trying to taste them all before I have to leave next year!

Prospect Point provided amazing views of the surrounding area and, on a beautiful summer day, is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. Oh, and it’s true. The ice cream is amazing!

Alison Stracey is an Australian with a passion for travel currently living in Vancouver. She has a degree in tourism from James Cook University, Cairns, and enjoys good wine and company in her spare time. She also writes for