Great Fitness Gift Ideas for Her This Christmas

Last-minute ideas for guys to get the right fitness gift for her this Christmas

Credit: Flickr/voxtheory

The right fitness gift this Christmas can keep giving all year long

Guys, if you’ve left it to the last minute, follow my advice and you can still get her a great Christmas gift

Getting a good fitness gift can be tricky. Buy the wrong gift and you look like an insensitive jerk. But get the right gift and you’ll be taking over for Santa Claus in her world.

What Gifts Not to Buy

Let’s get the bad gift ideas out of the way first.

1. Don’t buy her a scale

I don’t care how much she complains about her weight, do NOT buy her a fancy scale. You may think you’re solving her problem but it’ll come off as you’re telling her she’s fat. Trust me. Don’t do it.

2. Don’t buy her a fitness infomercial gizmo

Forget the ab machines and cheesy fitness gadgets. Many of them don’t work. And you’re back to the perception problem. You may think you’re helping but just like the scale, you’ll be perceived as telling her you think she’s fat and she needs to do something about it.

3. Don’t buy her a diet book

See #1 and #2 above. Enough said.

What Gifts to Buy

Now that we’ve gotten the bad gifts out of the way, here are some ideas of good fitness gifts.

1. A couple’s gym membership

Joining as a couple says you don’t think she’s the only one who needs to get into shape. You’re doing it as a couple and will bond getting fit together.

2. Spa gift certificate that includes a massage

I admit this isn’t very original but it’s hard to go wrong with this one. A relaxing massage will help her de-stress and that will improve her health.

3. Personal training sessions

This isn’t a cheap option as it’ll cost you between $50 – $100 for a personal training session. But she’ll love you for it. As a professional trainer I can get away with telling your wife or girlfriend that she carries too much fat on her arms, thighs or belly. You can’t. You provide emotional support in her goal to get fit and leave the technical support to professionals.

4. Healthy Cookbook

Look for one that is health conscious without being a diet book. Include a personal note that you’ll make her favourite recipe for her and you’ll have a winning gift.

5. Couple’s pass for an outdoor activity

Getting fit as a couple not only strengthens you physically, it strengthens your relationship. Buy ski passes, snowshoe passes, whatever she would enjoy.

6. Workout clothes

Only buy this if she’s already active. If she’s been neglecting her fitness stick to one of the gifts above. But if she does work out it’s hard to go wrong with this one. 

Gentlemen, if you follow my advice you can still rock it this Christmas. And trust me on the scale tip.