How Men Can Improve Their Mental Well-being

Four out of five suicides among young people in Canada are committed by men

Tips to maintain and improve your mental health

Mental health issues affect over 3.4 million Canadian men and boys each year. Four out of five suicides among young people in Canada are committed by men.

“Men can make some small changes to help maintain and improve their mental health. By making the time to talk with friends or by adding small amounts of exercise into their day, men can improve their mental well-being and manage some of the major stressors in their lives,” says Peter Coleridge, national CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association.

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Connect with Other People

Find people you can confide in. Reach out to your partner, your siblings and your children. Go out with your buddies regularly and talk with them.

Get Involved

Develop some hobbies and interests separate from your work. If you don’t have any, think about things that you used to like doing when you were younger.


Exercise affects some of the chemicals in the brain in the same way some medications do, so it can really help with depression and anxiety. Keep it simple, go for a walk after dinner.


Making an effort to evaluate your life along the way can help prevent problems from becoming crises. Are you happy in your job and relationships? Is there anything that you can do to improve the way you live? Take five minutes to sit and think about how you are feeling.

Consider Getting Help

Look at therapy as a potential tool to help you maintain your mental health. Contact your family doctor for a referral to a qualified mental health care professional.