Ali Fedotowsky’s Ex Roberto Martinez is the Next Bachelor Hopeful — Report

According to reports, Ali Fedotowsky's former fiancé, Roberto Martinez, is in talks to become the next Bachelor

Yet another failed Bachelorette engagement (Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez)

Rumour has it that Roberto Martinez may be ABC’s newest Bachelor

When Roberto Martinez proposed to Ali Fedotowsky at the end of her tumultuous season on The Bachelorette, we hoped those two crazy kids would be able to make things work. Unfortunately they were the rule, not the exception, and, in the grand tradition of reality show romance, they split up.

It looks like Roberto isn’t too jaded by the whole thing, though — according to new reports, he may have already officially signed on to be the next star of The Bachelor after Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette ends.

“They chose him because he’s very likable,” a source tells Life & Style.

ABC has not officially confirmed Martinez’s contract, so we remain skeptical about this one — but we would be interested to see whether Martinez can make it work the second time around.