Choosing Connection: A BC Family Day Pledge to Prioritize Presence Over Plans

This BC Family Day Weekend, celebrate family bonds, community spirit, and support local businesses, enriching British Columbia's extended family.

As the BC Family Day Long Weekend approaches, I find myself stepping back from the whirlwind of travel recommendations and hotspot guides, despite their allure. This year, instead of crafting another list of must-visit BC spots for this special weekend (which, by the way, you can find on our Instagram and Facebook Stories), I’ve chosen to reflect on something far more intimate and crucial: Family.

In the rush of our daily lives, with work pressures mounting and the everyday exhaustion that life freely offers, it’s alarmingly easy for days, weeks, and even months to slip by. During this time, we may forget to reconnect with our children, who are just a room away, or to catch up over the phone with a parent (and no, texting doesn’t quite cut it), or to spend time with a grandparent who would value our company above anything else.

I’m not exempt from this pattern; I’m deeply passionate about my career, perhaps too much at times. This passion, while fulfilling, often leaves me reflecting on the quality time I’ve missed with my two teenage boys and my husband. Despite my best intentions, time escapes me, and I find myself trapped in the same cycle. However, this BC Family Day Long Weekend, I am making a deliberate choice to break this cycle and focus solely on my family.

The strategy is straightforward but significant in its potential impact:  engage in a phone call or make an intentional visit to a family member, spend an entire day with my kids and husband unplugged from our phones, and explore a local destination of our collective choosing. We’ll visit a new coffee shop or restaurant, support a local store, and perhaps embark on a small hike. The goal is to pause, breathe in the fresh air, and truly appreciate the view—and each other.

In our pursuit of success and the fulfilment of daily responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook the joys that family brings. It’s not just about being in the same space but being truly present with one another, sharing stories, laughter, and sometimes, silence. This weekend is an opportunity to recalibrate, to remind ourselves that amidst the chaos of life, the moments we spend with our family are irreplaceable treasures.

family of four strolling on road path under a clear sky
Nadia Iannone

Moreover, this focus on family isn’t merely about immediate family members but extends to the broader community. Supporting local businesses is a way of nurturing the community that, in many ways, is an extended family. Each purchase at a local store, and each meal at a local restaurant, contributes to the livelihood of our neighbours and reinforces the bonds that hold our community, and British Columbia together.

This intentional shift towards family and community this weekend doesn’t mean we abandon our passions or careers. Instead, it’s about finding boundaries, about remembering that while work can be a significant part of our identity, it shouldn’t overshadow the fundamental human connections that sustain us emotionally and spiritually.

As we embark on this BC Family Day Long Weekend, I invite you to join me in this commitment. Let’s choose to make our family the priority, to explore the beauty of British Columbia not just as tourists in our province but as families seeking connection and shared experiences. Let’s make this weekend a testament to the affection and ties that support us, reminding us of what truly matters in life.

In doing so, we not only enrich our lives but also set an example for our children, showing them that while life can be demanding, it’s crucial to always remember the significance of family. Let this weekend serve as an opportunity to recenter our attention on our loved ones, building relationships that will continue to support us long after the holiday is over.

This BC Family Day Long Weekend, let’s celebrate by reconnecting with our loved ones, supporting our local communities, and taking a moment to appreciate the simple, yet profound, joy of family.