8 Gadgets and Gear for Your Solo Adventures

Gear up for solo exploration with tech essentials designed to enhance your journey.

Travelling solo can be deeply personal. We plan our trips to be uniquely tailored to our preferences, but there are also universal experiences that solo travellers share. There’s the often familiar struggle of being without a willing photographer to take multiple shots and angles until we get that “money shot.” There’s no shoulder to sleep on during a long haul flight, and maybe noone to help locate one’s mysteriously disappearing socks. While each traveller may have distinct needs, there are certain gadgets that can universally enhance our solo traveller experience.

The Anker 325 Power Bank has a 20,000 mAh capacity that can fully charge an iPhone XS five times. $59.99 (Credit: Anker)

Portable charger

Travelling requires a lot of battery power. Maybe you’re checking Googlemaps, going through Instagram recommendations, and taking more than enough photos to send to friends– our phones are constantly in use. With noone else to borrow a charger or a powerbank from, having your own back-up is much needed. The Anker Portable Charger is a popular choice due to its compact design and battery capacity. They offer a range of supercharge power banks from magnetic to mini portable ones.


The PodZilla Flexible Mobile Medium Tripod retails for $67.95 (Credit: Joby)

Flexible tripod

How many times have we tried to take a photo while balancing our phones on random objects because a selfie just wouldn’t do the landscape justice? Joby’s GorillaPod and flexible tripods can be twisted and knotted, enabling you to securely attach it to any available mount. You can hang it on a fence or a branch or balance it on uneven surfaces. The legs are adjustable to fit different terrain.


Epicka’s travel adapter comes in different colours of white, black, pink, and light blue. $23.99 (Credit: Epicka Tech)

Travel Adapter

I can remember the hassle of having to buy a different travel adapter for each country only to inevitably misplace them in the void that is my home storage. Now, there’s a smarter approach: a single, versatile travel adapter that eliminates the need for multiple adapters. This Epicka Universal Travel Adapter has four different plugs that adapt to 200+ countries and also lets you charge up to six devices at once.


Garmin has a range of satellite communicators, this inReach Messenger is priced at $399.99 (Credit: Garmin)

Satellite Communicator

Satellite Communicator. Big words, I know, and you might never need it. Maybe telling someone where you’re off to is enough but if you’re planning a trip to more remote areas, it can be a lifesaver. The Garmin inReach Messenger has emergency messaging that activates an SOS message that includes your identification and location information  even without cellular coverage. It also has a two-way text functionality so you can communicate with your rescuers while getting updates from their end.


Lewis N. Clark portable alarm $17.99, Addalock $15.99 (Credit: Lewis N. Clark)

Portable door locks and alarms

I used to get  scared whenever I would hear wood creaking with noone around. My imaginations would run wild until I learned that wood expands and contracts because of the temperature, hence the creaking noise. While there are perfectly rational reasons why things may make a sound, sleeping alone in a new place can still be scary. The Addalock is a portable door lock that’s easy to install on doors that open inwards. The Addalock is slid into the part of the door that sticks out when it’s closed. It’s an added layer of security that can ease your worries and get you a good night’s sleep. 

For another additional layer of safety, you can opt for a portable door alarm like the one from Lewis N. Clark. You can place it on doors or windows and set the alarm. It comes with batteries and a built-in LED flashlight.


Quiet 2 Earplugs $39.95 (Credit: Loop Earplugs)


Meeting strangers can be fun and having unexpected conversations can lead to delightful encounters but sometimes you can also be on the receiving end of unwanted monologues. Sometimes people just want to ramble and have you as a captive audience. Whether it’s unwanted conversations on a long trip or the sound of snoring in a shared spacel, using this  Quiet earplugs reduces noise while ensuring you it stays comfortable on your ears throughout the day. It also comes with four interchangeable ear tip sizes. It has as minimalist look and comes in four different colours.


Birdie Safety Alarm $39.95 (Credit: Birdie)

Personal safety alarm

Safety is top of mind when travelling alone. Your smartphones and smartwatches have features that allow you to check-in and share your location. However in emergencies, we may fumble through the steps. Having a personal safety alarm like Birdie helps to deter attackers, gets you to quickly alarm others that you need help.This portable item can hang on your bag, keychain, or on your person. When you pull the pin it activates a loud siren to get everyone’s attention to your situation.