A Solo Traveller’s Guide to Souvenir Hunting in BC

Transform your solo journey into a treasure hunt. Shop for souvenirs, from quirky umbrellas to artisanal chocolates, a zany market with goats on the roof or a seasonal island bike shop. There’s bound to be a treasure that captures the essence of your travels to B.C.

What makes solo adventure so fun? It’s being able to follow your whims without compromise. Whether you prefer a slower pace, an adrenaline-filled adventure, or one guided by the tastebuds, you can curate an experience that fits you best. But the adventures do end and we eventually go back to our daily lives. Maybe this is why we instinctively want to bring souvenirs from our trips. Whether it’s a hand carved little statue of a cat, a practical item, or a specific scent –they’re reminders of a magical time of our lives.  We’ve listed  down a few  hidden and not so hidden treasures you’d want to come by when exploring B.C.


3 Singing Birds

3 Singing Birds, Whistler

Whistler’s downtown core has many big named brands but this boutique is a great way to get your hands on locally made brands. Originally born through a need to collect local, handmade creations within Whistler, it became a collaboration between two companies that shared a space. The store is now a place for customers looking to find products that reflect Pacific Northest values of intentionality and sustainability.



Funktional, Kelowna

Funktional has an extensive selection of Canadian-made products. From accessories and clothing to bath and body essentials, stationery, and even activities and games, there’s something for every discerning traveler. Funktional takes pride in showcasing a range of B.C.-made goods and Indigenous creators, allowing you to take home a piece of your B.C. travels.


Got Craft

Got Craft Spring Market, Vancouver BC

Coming up soon, the Got Craft Spring Market is a two-day event in East Vancouver. It’s a fun-filled affair with over 80 small shops and makers. Vendors range from art and paper goods to bags, accessories, skin care, ceramics, candles, home goods, to food and drinks. It’s a pet-friendly event with foodtrucks. A perfect day to vibe on your own,  browse with a snack in hand while petting dogs.


Halfmoon Bay General Store

Halfmoon Bay General Store, Sunshine Coast

Discover the charm of the Sunshine Coast at The Halfmoon Bay General Store, a beloved fixture in the community since 1937. They offer a curated selection of the finest goods from the region– from farm-fresh produce, artisanal craft liquors, to delectable treats. The gourmand in search of culinary delights will find many delightful local focus such as Christopher Norman Chocolates, small batched loose tea leafs from Davis Bay Tea, to small batch cashew cheese.


Old Country Market

Old Country Market, Coombs, BC

Would you like some unusual entertainment as part of your solo roadtrip? Come by in May through October and there will be goats. Shopping too. The Old Country Market was first created in 1973 by Norwegian immigrants who designed a sod roof when making the market. When the grass on the roof became longer, they decided to have goats “mow” the grass. Underneath all this cuteness and entertainment though, are some amazing places to shop. The Market Gift Shop has a collection of imported gifts and souvenirs from all over the world. Eccentric reminders for an eccentric experience. See what they offer on their online store.


Hornby Coop

Ringside Market, Hornby Island

If you ever find yourself wanting to go on adventure from one island to the next, Hornby Isand’s Ringside Market is one of the best places to go to. It’s all local small businesses ranging from ethical clotthing, pottery, artisan jewelry to a seasonally open bike shop. It’s close to a grocery, the beach and restaurants.


Spirit Gallery

Spirit Gallery, Horseshoe Bay

Exploring Indigenous lands and cultures goes hand in hand with supporting Indigenous artists and businesses. By doing so, you gain cultural context and ensure that your purchases support the community authentically, rather than falling prey to shops misrepresenting themselves as Indigenous-owned. Spirit Gallery in Horeshoe Bay is listed as one of the many shops under Indigenous Tourism BC. Established in 1991, it has a collection of contemporary and traditional Indigenous arts, and a variety of gift items.


The Umbrellatorium & Canar

The Umbrellatorium & Canery, Victoria

What better represents your adventure into B.C. territory than a practical but magical umbrella from the Umbrellatorium? Press the button, watch it unfurl to reveal a beautiful design. Every time I open mine, I receive compliments. The shop is located inside Victoria Chinatown’s historical Fan Tan Alley. Flanked by many wondrous shops in their own right, this umbrella and canery shop has a whimsical storefront that beckons you in. A significant souvenir from a solo trip, you’ll never hold on to an umbrella this dearly.