Andy Samberg Goes Cuckoo in His First Post-Saturday Night Live Role

Andy Samberg will portray a self-professed "spiritual ninja" in the upcoming BBC sitcom Cuckoo

Credit: David Shankbone

Recent SNL alumni, Andy Samberg

SNL’s Andy Samberg will move on to BBC sitcom Cuckoo

Andy Samberg’s first acting job since leaving Saturday Night Live will take him across the pond. He’s set to star in a BBC sitcom called Cuckoo.

The show, which begins filming in the summer, also stars Greg Davies (The Inbetweeners) and Helen Baxendale (Friends, Cold Feet) as the parents of a young woman (Tamla Kari) who comes home from a year abroad with a new husband: Cuckoo (Samberg), a slacker goofball and self-described “spiritual ninja” who will now be living under their roof.

Culture-clashing comedy will presumably ensue.

“The best of British meets the toast of Hollywood. We hope Cuckoo cements the special relationship between our two great countries,” executive producer Ash Atalla says in a statement. “I imagine Obama and [British Prime Minister David] Cameron will be watching closely.”

Robin French and Kieron Quirke (Man Stroke Woman, Trinity) created the show. It’s scheduled for six episodes to air later this year on BBC Three.