Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d Return: Drake and Kim Kardashian Get Played

Ashton Kutcher returned to his punking roots, targeting unsuspecting victims Drake and Kim Kardashian

The shaken (no pun intended) Drake

Ashton Kutcher revisits Punk’d with elaborate pranks

Ashton Kutcher reclaimed his Punk’d throne Sunday (June 3) before the MTV Movie Awards — and we have to say, based on the little bit we’ve seen of the reincarnated, Bieber-ized show, Kutcher’s return was a welcome one.

Kutcher targeted rapper Drake and Kim Kardashian in two pranks, and Drake proved to be a much better target.

Drake was told he was being taken to a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden, and once he and his fake Secret Service escort got to an underground parking garage, Kutcher and Co. staged an earthquake. A couple of aftershocks and a Tasered pregnant woman later, Kutcher ambushed Drake, who was suitably humiliated/impressed at the scale of the prank. He also got the funniest line of the special: “So we’re not meeting the vice president?” (Sorry, Drake’s mom.)

Kardashian, meanwhile, had a run-in with a “superfan” at a gas station (with a little help from Scott Disick), which almost didn’t go off, because Kim spent the entire first part of the segment looking at her phone. Some improvisation saved the bit, though, although when Disick drove away with the hose still attached and the pump exploded, all Kim could say was “OK … something weird is really going on.”

Kim remained her affectless self even after the fake cops showed up, and when Kutcher did the reveal, all she could say was “I called Kourtney and I was like, ‘What is going on.'” (And also, “Scott is crazy” — we half wonder if the segment won’t be edited into Keeping Up with the Kardashians to make Disick look bad.)

What did you think of Kutcher’s Punk’d return? Which prank did you like better?