Bachelorette Spoilers: Emily Maynard’s Men Revealed

Brad Womack is out of the picture and the newest Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, can have her pick from this newly revealed list of men

Ryan Bowers, Travis Pope, and Tony Pieper… do you think one of these men could receive Emily’s final rose?

Take a sneak peek at some of Emily Maynard’s potential Bachelors

Emily Maynard doesn’t make her debut as ABC’s newest Bachelorette until May 14, but Reality Steve’s already got the spoiler scoop on 16 of her 25 potential beaus.

The lucky fellows that have been revealed thus far mostly range in age from 25-35 – Emily is 25 herself – with occupations including a teacher, a gym owner, a model, a smattering of executives and a Jef with one “f” (not technically his occupation).

Check out the list below more info on the men:

1. Ryan Bowers (pictured above left), 31, Evans, Ga., gym owner

2. Jef Holm, 27, St. George, Utah, CEO of People Water.

3. Doug Clerget, 33, Tacoma, Wash., vice president at Kidder Matthews in Seattle. He has an 11-year-old son, Austin.  

4. Travis Pope (pictured above center), 30, Madison, Miss., account executive for the Clarion-Ledger. He was notable engaged to Lauren Jones, a former model and Barker Beauty from The Price Is Right who was featured on FOX’s reality show Anchorwoman in 2007. She and Travis were also reportedly pitching a reality show together called Chasin’ Dreams with Lauren and Travis.

5. Aaron Martell, 35, Los Angeles, science teacher at Los Angeles High School. 

6. Kalon McMahon, 26, Houston, Texas, model.

7. Sean Lowe, 28, Dallas, Texas, fitness model/insurance agent.

8. David Homyk, New York, musician.

9. John Wolfner, St. Louis, Mo., co-owns CitiShred with his father, Greg.

10. Nathan Bakke, 25, Los Angeles, CPA at Ernst and Young.  

11. Tony Pieper (pictured above right), 30, Portland, Ore., fitness model and lumber trader for Greenwood Products Inc. He has a 5-year-old son, Taylor.

12. Kyle Dillon, 28, Long Beach, Calif., financial advisor for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

13. Chris Bukowski, 25, Chicago, sales Manager at the Sears Centre Arena.

14. Arie Luyendyk Jr., 30, Scottsdale, Ariz., former Indy Car driver, son of two-time Indy 500 Champion Arie Luyendyk Sr. 

15. Michael Nance, 26 or 27, Austin, Texas, musician. 

16. Charles Grogan, Nashville, Tenn., volunteer at Monroe Carroll Jr. Children’s Hospital. He made the news in October 2010 for suffering head and spinal injuries in at the home of his friend, Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla. He apparently fell off a balcony and sued the construction company who built it.

Which of these 16 guys are you rooting for?