Bryan Singer’s Online Series H+

From the mind of Bryan Singer, H+ shows the dangers of humans connecting too closely with machines

H+ takes place in the not-far-off future when human beings will be able to ‘jack in’ to the Internet

Be careful when you plug into Bryan Singer’s H+ — it can be infectious

Once Tom Hanks’ name turned up on Electric City, it officially became impossible to say, “Wow, I can’t believe [INSERT NAME] is doing a web series!” and sound completely stunned — nothing screams “legitimate medium” to the masses like our man Tom stepping into the fray — so it’s not as surprising as it once might’ve been to hear that Bryan Singer, director of The Usual Suspects and the first two X-Men films, is one of the producers behind Warner Brothers’ H+.

Still, it certainly does serve to start the series off with better-than-average street cred.

What is H+?

Filmed in Santiago, Chile, H+ takes place in a none-too-distant future in which the human mind can be jacked into the Internet via a computer implant called — you guessed it — H+.

Like so many scientific endeavours, the system was originally designed for a completely different purpose than that for which it’s now being used. Instead of being solely the domain of the medical technology field, it’s infiltrated a full third of the planet’s population. You can imagine, then, the reaction when it’s discovered that H+ implants are being infected with a virus that has a decidedly unpleasant affect on those using the system.

If you prefer your entertainment to follow a linear path, then H+ is absolutely, positively not the series for you; no two consecutive episodes take place in the same moment in time, bouncing between key incidents both prior to and following the initial viral attack to clarify how it came to pass and what the effects have been.

For that matter, aside from the first two instalments, no two consecutive episodes are set in the same place. This revelation is slightly less surprising, however, as H+ was filmed in 54 different locations across Santiago. Singer and company have gone all out for this series, and, boy, does it show.

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