Cast Members of Buffy and Angel Flock to Grimm

Grimm recruits former Buffy/Angel cast members including Azura Skye.

Azura Skye will guest-star on Grimm

Grimm gets Buffy the Vapire Slayer vet Azura Skye

If Grimm wants to continue to build its cred in the fanboy/fangirl arena, it’s probably best to keep doing what they’re doing. The haunted procedural plucked a Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum for an upcoming episode.

TV Guide is reporting that Azura Skye will guest star on the series. She’ll play the owner of a bed and breakfast who, in typical “Grimm” fashion, turns into a monster. In her case, Skye’s character Robin Steinkeller becomes a Seltenvogel, a rare bird-like creature. Skye recently guest starred on American Horror Story.

Skye is the second Buffy/Angel vet to get a stint on the show. Amy Acker, who will play a Black Widow on the Feb. 10 episode, starred on “Angel” form 2001-04. If you’re wondering why the theme, it’s because “Grimm” head David Greenwalt was an EP on both “Buffy” and “Angel.” 

The air date for the episode, titled “The Thing with Feathers,” has not yet been determined.