Classic Cars Go Fast N’ Loud in this New Reality Series

Discovery's new reality show Fast N' Loud follows two Texas gearheads as they navigate the fast and furious business of auto restoration

Credit: Discovery

Fast N’ Loud’s Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann hope to flip refurbished cars like four-wheeled flapjacks

Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud highlights the world of automobile restoration

When most people see the rusted-out carcass of a long-abandoned automobile they just see an eyesore; Texas gearheads Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann, on the other hand, see dollar signs. 

These mechanical masterminds are experts at restoring old junkers to pristine condition, and their prowess at transforming rust-buckets into vintage collectibles has landed them their own reality show on the Discovery Channel. Appropriately titled Fast N’ Loud, the show follows the duo’s automotive adventures within Rawlings’ Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. 

Much like those house-flipping shows, Rawlings buys old heaps, restores them to their former glory and then sells them at a profit. He’s no neophyte; not only did he have three hot-rod restorations under his belt before graduating from high school, he even got shot while refusing to surrender his beloved 1965 Mustang to an armed carjacker.

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann, the Kings Loud N’ Fast

The show follows Rawlings and Kaufmann as they travel the back roads of Texas in search of four-wheeled diamonds in the rough that they can restore, and then documents the arduous work involved once they get the vehicles back to the garage. 

In the debut episode, Rawlings and Kaufmann head far from Texas to the small town of Carrollton, Missouri, to get their hands on a real rarity: a rust-free 1931 Ford Model A. With visions of greenbacks dancing in their heads, the men plan to give the car a major overhaul and then sell it for big bucks at a swap meet once they get back to Texas.

Unfortunately, the restoration process reveals there’s a lot more wrong with the car than they realized; as the costs soar, potential profit begins to dwindle. In order to make some fast cash to fund the restoration, Rawlings buys a 1953 Chevy and a 1964 Buick Riviera (the same one Nicolas Cage drove in Drive Angry), but soon realizes his plans to restore and flip the cars quickly are more problematic than he imagined.

You’ll have to tune in to find out whether the pair can restore the cars, sell them at auction and still walk away with a profit.

Loud N’ Fast premieres Thursday, July 12 at 7 and 10 pm on Discovery Canada.

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