CSI Snags Another OG Star for Revival

CSI: Vegas has reportedly locked in another blast from the past

CSI: Vegas has reportedly locked in another blast from the past

Once you accept the inevitability that every television show that’s ever been made will eventually be remade, it’s easier to view these reboots and revivals on their own terms.

Did And Just Like That… adequately update the lives of Carrie Bradsaw and her pals? Sure. Was it as good as Sex and the City? Of course not—so what?

Another reboot that’s received a thumbs up from viewers is CSI: Vegas, which introduced a new crew of crime scene investigators while bringing back original stars William Petersen and Jorja Fox.

The good news-bad news for fans is that CBS has renewed the show for a second season, but neither Peterson nor Fox are deigning to return for the new season.

CBS, never known its bold experimentation, reportedly took the obvious route of luring another original CSI star to come back: Marg Helgenberger.

Deadline reported that Helgenberger had signed on—like Fox and Petersen, just for one year—to reprise her role as Catherine Willows, which she played for 12 seasons.

While CBS hasn’t yet made it official, signing Helgenberger makes sense; traversing a gruesome crime scene is always more enjoyable for viewers when accompanied by a familiar face.