Family Feud May Not Be That Family-Friendly

Family Feud enters the "mile-high club" with an answer to "Name something an airline pilot might be holding during a long flight?"

Credit: Zap2It

Wait a minute, does that way what I think it says?

Mature Family Fued answer sparks a lot of laughter, a bit of shock

Let’s be honest: we’re all guilty of providing our own, dirtier suggestions for questions while watching Family Feud. But somehow we never thought one would actually make it to the show!
Apparently we underestimated the producers, because instead of scrapping the question “Name something an airline pilot might be holding during a long flight” due to naughty answers, they aired it anyway. According to show rules, an answer goes on the board when more than two people have said it. 
In this case, three of the 100 folks surveyed had their minds in the gutter. When the question aired on a recent episode of the Steve Harvey-hosted syndicated game show, some of the contestants had a very similar reaction to ours when they found out that the number six answer to the question about what an airline pilot holds on a long flight was “his schlong.”
Just watch. Yes – this actually aired on television.