Fringe Season 5 Trailer: The Observers Require Your Loyalty

Fringe is coming to an end, and this trailer for the fifth and final season will have fans of the show on pins and needles

The Observers play a much larger role in the 5th and final season of Fringe

Fringe fans rejoice! This season 5 trailer of the cult sci-fi show is a fan-boy’s dream

Fringe fans, this one is for you. While most promotional material attempts to bring new viewers to a series, we’re getting a new experience this year with Fringe.

FOX is devoting all of its efforts not to increasing ratings, but instead to giving fans the fullest, most exciting final season experience possible. We love it!

This awesome video clip, released via @TVGMDamian, appeals to the nerd in all of us.

In the promo, the audience is transported to the year 2036, where The Observers have taken over our world. The Fringe Division now polices the “Native Citizens” (better known as humans) while the Observers revel in luxury and consume our resources, but if anyone steps out of line, the Observers overrule.

They’re capable of “cerebral scanning” – in other words, reading your mind – and if they find you resistant to their leadership, the punishment is both cruel and unusual. Not only can they cause you physical damage, as we saw in last season’s episode “Letters of Transit,” but any disobedience may be literally wiped from your mind.

The PSA of sorts comes from the Ministry of Defense. An Observer, clad in the typical fedora, issues the ninth of sixteen edicts. “Your loyalty is not expected,” he tells us, in that creepy, flat tone of voice we’ll never quite get used to. “It is required. You will comply with all native directives and regulations. While Native Citizens currently remain under Fringe Division supervision, any infractions or suspicion of infractions are subject to a full cerebral scan.”

It continues, “If guilty, you may face a first level wipe at the location of the infraction. Further wipes and/or extraction may be determined at a formal inquiry. Heed, obey, serve.”

The most interesting part of the PSA, though? It appears to have been infiltrated by the Resistance already. During the Observer’s unsettling warning, a few blink-and-you’ll-miss-it signs interrupted the broadcast — like this one below. The line has been drawn. Now we just need to find out where Peter, Olivia, Walter, Astrid, and the rest of our old favourites fall across that line. (We think we have a pretty good guess.)