What to Watch Mon, February 20

House and his Ukrainian green-card “wife” Dominika try to convince immigration authorities that they are a happily married couple

Credit: Fox

House on Global/Fox

TVW’s Spotlight picks for February 20, 2012


8 p.m., Global & Fox

A marriage counselor (Jake Weber of The Ghost Whisperer) collapses during a speaking engagement, but when he is put under close evaluation, the team notices changes in his behaviour that conflict with his motivational message on the roles of men and women. Meanwhile, House and his Ukrainian green-card “wife” Dominika (Karolina Wydra) try to convince immigration authorities that they are a happily married couple. Also, House decides to name a team leader.

Being Human

7 p.m. & 11 p.m., Space

Being a ghost does offer its advantages, as Sally finds out when she reconnects with the spirit of her deceased mother. Meanwhile, Josh tries to protect Nora during the murder investigation.

How I Met Your Mother

8 p.m., Citytv & CBS

It’s all about the timing, which is what Ted finds out when he decides to tell Robin how he really feels about her immediately after she breaks up with Kevin. Meanwhile, Barney is determined to discover something private that belongs to Marshall and Lily.

The Voice

8 p.m., CTV & NBC

The blind auditions continue, and viewers can actually play along at home by turning their chairs away from their TV sets, listening without looking and then see if you agree with the judges.

2 Broke Girls

8:30 p.m., Citytv & CBS

Oy vey! Everything gets all meshugga when Max tells a lie about her cupcakes being kosher when she and Caroline cater a boy’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.


9 p.m., Citytv & Fox

Madsen and Hauser must quickly track down a well-educated but ruthless killer who uses his vast knowledge of chemistry to poison his victims. Meanwhile, Madsen learns a bit more about her grandfather’s life behind bars in Alcatraz.


10 p.m., CTV & NBC

The search begins to cast an actor in the role of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, but everyone’s first choice (guest star Will Chase), has a nasty little secret that may prevent him to getting the part. Meanwhile, Karen returns to Iowa for a baby shower and is forced to make a decision about what she really wants for her future, and Eileen begins rounding up investors for the show but discovers her devious ex-husband has been bad-mouthing her behind her back, and may have poisoned her potential investors against her.