New on DVD: April 3

With beautifully-shot films such as Steven Spielberg's War Horse to classic comedies starring Bob Newhart, this week's DVD releases has it all


Catch all 33 episodes of Bob with this new collection


Bob: The Complete Series

After his phenomenal successes with The Bob Newhart Show (1972 – 1978) and then Newhart (1982 – 1990), Bob Newhart attempted another sitcom in 1992 with Bob. In this show, Newhart played Bob McKay, a comic book artist whose 1950s character Mad-Dog is given a second life – albeit as a darker Wolverine-type vigilante – with a new publishing company. At first, Bob is reluctant to work with the belligerent publisher (John Cygan), but the money is too good to turn down and he returns to drawing the character and working in an office full of unusual characters (as every office-based show has). During the second season, the comic book was finished and Bob returned to his old job at a greeting-card company (run by Betty White) where he was made president and her weaselly son Pete (Jere Burns, who is currently sliming up the small screen again on Justified) is forced to work for him. Despite that, this often-hilarious sitcom ended its short run after only 33 episodes, but the good news is that all are available now on DVD with this new 6-disc set. (Paramount)


War Horse

Jeremy Irvine plays a young man named Albert, who during the First World War joins up to fight in the British army after his beloved horse Joey is sold to the cavalry. Steven Spielberg directed this beautifully-shot, but melodramatic drama. EXTRAS include an hour-long A Filmmaking Journey and much more. (Disney)

We Bought a Zoo

Cameron Crowe directs this family-friendly true-story of Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) who takes his family and moves them to the countryside to run an old zoo but must team up with its staff (led by Scarlett Johansson) to bring it up to code and save it from closing. (Fox)

Dysfunctional Friends

Stacey Dash (TV’s The Game) and Tatanya Ali (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) star in this comedy drama about a group of estranged college friends who are brought back together after one of them dies. When they find out that he was rich and has left his entire fortune to them they are shocked, but not as shocked as when they find out the stipulation in his will – they must all stay together for five days to get to know each other again like old times. (Image)

Trinity Goodheart

When a little girl (Erica Gluck) becomes obsessed with finding out more about her estranged family, she runs away from her single father (Eric Benet) to seek out the truth in this heart-warming drama. (Image)

Alien Opponent: Uncut

After an alien spacecraft crash lands in a rural junkyard, the owner puts out a reward to whoever can kill the creature that emerged from it. This invitation opens up the floodgates for every nutjob in the neighbourhood (including Jeremy London and former wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper) to take the opportunity in this ultra-violent blackly-comic sci-fi action flick. (Shout! Factory)

Chasing Madoff

This documentary from filmmaker Jeff Prosserman tells the story of the ten-year investigation by Harry Markopolis and his team to gather enough evidence to bring down Bernie Madoff, who had bilked billions from his trusting investors in a ponzi scheme. (eOne)

Angels Crest

When a little boy wanders off into the frozen night, an entire small town’s darkest fears and most personal secrets are brought to the surface in this thriller starring Mira Sorvino and Thomas Dekker. (eOne)

Jo Koy: Lights Out

Jo Koy is a Filipino-American comedian whose regular appearances on Chelsea Lately have given him tons of TV exposure and the chance to do his second stand-up special in which he is allowed to be as uncensored and outrageous as he wants as he discusses everything from fatherhood to sleep apnea. (Paramount)

JB Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It

JB Smoove, a regular on Curb Your Enthusiasm and the stand-up scene finally gets his first hour-long special where he wows the audience with his hilarious observations on King Kong, police chases and flip-flops. (Paramount)

Chinatown (Blu-ray)

Roman Polanski directed this 1974 tribute to the1930s “private eye” genre where detective Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson in another memorable performance) investigates the possible infidelity of a well-known L.A. government official. It isn’t long before he finds out that things aren’t as they seem and that it leads to corruption concerning a proposed dam that could save the city from its terrible drought. EXTRAS include audio commentary from screenwriter Robert Towne and director (not of this film) David Fincher; a feature-length documentary with Towne on the history of the L.A. Aquaduct; and much more. (Paramount)

Son of No One

After becoming a cop and returning to his old neighbourhood Jonathan (Channing Tatum) is haunted by an incident in his youth that has come to light. His relationship with an older detective (Al Pacino) who helped bury the incident all those years before is tested as loyalties are put up against justice. (Alliance)


Danny Phantom: Season 2, Part 1

This animated series follows the adventures of teenage Danny Fenton, who after an accident in his father’s lab, becomes half-human and half-ghost – a secret he tries to hide from his friends and family as he goes about battling otherworldly apparitions under his secret identity of Danny Phantom. This 2-disc set features the first 10 episodes of the second season. (Shout! Factory)

Danny Phantom: Season 2

As this Canadian black comedy enters its second season, Todd (Alex House) and his friends are still struggling to destroy the Book of Pure Evil, which when opened will bring evil upon anyone who opens it like creating a man-eating birthday cake or turning everyone in Crowley High into a prehistoric caveman. All 13 episodes are available on 2 DVDs. (eOne)

The Commander: Set 2

Amanda Burton stars in this gritty British crime series (created and written by Lynda La Plante of Prime Suspect fame) as Commander Clare Blake, who along with DCI Doug James (Mark Lewis Jones) solve some of the most sinister crimes in England like the discovery of the body of missing toddler found in a psychiatric facility and the suspended police officer who becomes the prime suspect in his own elderly mother’s murder. Midsomer Murders this is not. The set (which is made up of the series’ third and fourth seasons) is played out as 4 feature-length episodes all contained on 3 DVDs. (Acorn)