New on DVD: July 10

This week on DVD, the American Pie crew gets back together one more time for their 10-year reunion

Credit: Amazon

The original cast of American Pie returns for the fourth true installment in the series

American Reunion

The cast of the original American Pie films (including Jason Biggs; Allyson Hannigan; Tara Reid; Sean William Scott and, of course, Eugene Levy) gets back together in this R-rated sex romp that finds the friends reuniting for their tenth high school reunion where it soon becomes apparent that they while they may have gotten older, they haven’t grown up. (Universal)

The Long Weekend

Jim Caviezel and Claudia Karvan co-star in this remake of the Australian cult horror film of the same name in which a bickering couple decides to get away for a camping weekend in order to try and patch things up between them. They are in for the shock of their lives when their abuse of nature triggers a vengeful attack from the creatures of the woods. (eOne)

Comic-Con: Episode IV- A Fan’s Hope

Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) offers his unique insight into the world of the San Diego Comic Con, the world’s largest annual comic book convention, it’s celebrity guests (including Kevin Smith, Stan Lee and Seth Rogan) and the super-fans that devote their lives to it. (eOne)

Bag of Hammers

When a pair of car thieves (Jason Ritter and Jake Sandvig, who also co-wrote the film) meet an abandoned young boy, they must make a decision about the direction their lives are taking them in. (eOne)

Twelfth Night

Brian Dennehy headlines this filmed adaptation of this Stratford Festival stage play of Shakespeare’s comedy about a cross-dressing love triangle. (eOne)

Black Limousine

David Arquette stars in this strange film about a struggling musician whose job as a limo driver leads him to meet a movie star that may help him get his big break. (Anchor Bay)

Freak Dance

Amy Poehler and Tim Meadows make cameo appearances in this spoof of dance competition films (from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade comedy troupe)  in which a snooty rich girl gets caught between rival dance groups. (Image)

Chariots of Fire (Blu Ray Digi-Book)

This 1981 Oscar-winning film about two British track stars competing in the 1924 Olympic games gets the high-def treatment in this new re-release that not only has a ton of bonus features (including over an hour of special features, deleted scenes and a CD sampler of Vangelis’ memorable score). (Warner)


Father Dowling Mysteries: The Second Season 

This comedy-mystery series about a crime-solving priest (played by Tom Bosley of Happy Days) and his sidekick nun (Tracy Nelson) returns with all 13 episodes (on 3 DVDs) from its second season (which originally aired in 1990).  (Paramount)

The Glades: The Complete Second Season

Matt Passmore returns as former Chicago homicide cop Jim Longworth, who left the Windy City to find himself in the out-of-the-way Everglades community of Palm Glade, Florida. While the scenery and the humidity may have changed, the body count stays the same The second season (of 10 episodes) kicks off when a Cuban crime boss winds up dead in an alley and Longworth and his team race against time to catch the killer before an old-fashioned mob war erupts in Little Havana. (Fox)

iCarly: The Complete Fourth Season

This fourth season finds Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and her friends’ web series more popular than ever and Sam and Freddie’s relationship getting into high gear in this 2-disc set which features guest star appearances from First Lady Michelle Obama and The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. (Paramount)

Warehouse 13: Season 3 (Universal Home Video)

Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen of Smallville) joins the cast in season three of this light-hearted sci-fi series as former ATF agent Steven Jinks, who immediately joins the Warehouse team in an undercover operation to find out who is murdering people in the fashion of character’s from Shakespeare’s plays.

It’s baptism by fire for Jinks as he is introduced to U.S. Secret Service agents Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock), the rebel and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), the “straight-shooter” whose job it is to guard Warehouse 13. This box set contains all 13 episodes as well as the complete 10-part animated web series Of Monsters and Men, a Christmas episode never-before-seen on DVD and much more. (Universal)

GI Joe: A Real American Hero: Season Two

Season 2 of this popular animated series marked a change in both animation companies and voice actors (listen for local talent like Gary Chalk, Jim Byrnes and Blu Mankuma as regular characters), but not the non-stop action of the G.I. Joe team battling evil. This 3-disc set features all 20 episodes of this season. (Shout Factory)