Ramiro Garcia Moves the Judges of American Idol

Despite being born without ears, Gamiro Garcia impresses on his American Idol debut.

Gamiro Garcia gave a touching performance during his audition

Ramrio Garcia, who was born without ears, impresses the Idol judges with his soulful rendition of “Amazing Grace”

We do like to snicker a bit at the way “American Idol” so shamelessly picks out awful, “Queen for a Day”-esque backstories and plays them up for the audition process. But we never actually laugh at the person’s misfortune and Ramiro Garcia is no different.

Ramiro was born… without ears. He didn’t have a left ear and his right ear was just an earlobe. The doctors said he’d be deaf and probably mute. But many, many surgeries later he not only can hear and speak, but he has an OK singing voice.

He busted out “Amazing Grace” for his audition, which was a lovely choice. Steven Tyler even praised the verse he chose to do. We would imagine we’ll see more of him in Hollywood. We hope so. What did you think, “Idol” fans?