The Magic Cyclops Graces the American Idol Stage

Meet the legendary Magic Cyclops and watch him audition for American Idol

Credit: Zap2it

The Magic Cyclops failed to impress the judges with his unorthodox performance

We don’t often post video of the crazypants contestants on American Idol, because they’re annoying and not funny. But Magic Cyclops was kind of in a class by himself. During the course of his video package, he offered such gems as:

  • “No one talks to me because I’m frightening and I look homeless.”
  • “I have 11,000 air guitars.”
  • “I am not ready at all, but that’s when I do some of my most dangerous work.”
  • “I grew up extremely poor and we only got the local PBS station, which mostly aired BBC programming,” (explaining his on-again, off-again British accent)

That last one actually made us (and Jennifer Lopez) laugh. Magic Cyclops’ offerings of “Cracklin’ Rosie” and “Margaritaville” obviously got no votes from the judges, but we do have to hand it to him – it takes quite a character after 11 seasons of this show to make us laugh.

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