What to Watch: Tues, November 6

Miners risk their lives to unearth the lucrative deposits of gold trapped between the ice-covered Bering Sea in the new series Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice

Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice (New Series)
7 p.m. & 10 p.m., Discovery
The deposits of gold trapped beneath the ice-covered Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska have, for generations, remained as elusive as the stars in the sky. Not anymore: in this new docuseries, miners with the latest dredging equipment risk hypothermia, hypoxia and a dozen other kinds of death as they plunge into the bone-chilling depths to seek their fortunes.

U.S. Election Night Coverage
4 p.m., ABC, NBC & CBS; 5 p.m., KCTS, WTVS & News Network; 8 p.m., Fox
Our neighbours to the south finally choose the next leader of the free world, and in the process, will finally stop bumping our favourite shows from the primetime schedule with their endless debates. Huzzah!

Right America: Feeling Wronged — Some Voices From the Campaign Trail
6:45 p.m., HBO Canada
This documentary from filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of prominent U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi) examines the general public’s reaction to the Democrats’ victory in the 2008 presidential election, offering unique insight into the formation of the Tea Party Movement.

The President’s Book of Secrets
7 p.m. & Midnight, History
This refreshingly airy special focuses on the secrets that are known exclusively by America’s president, knowledge that is passed down through the generations as a legacy of holding the office. Through dramatic recreations and interviews with experts (including former CBS news anchor Dan Rather), we are, at last, afforded the tools to separate truth from myth.

Remington Steele
8 p.m., MeTV
Before he became James Bond, Pierce Brosnan was best known for charming 1980s TV viewers as a former con man posing as a private detective for a talented female sleuth (Stephanie Zimbalist) who otherwise couldn’t be taken seriously in the old boys’ club that was the crime-solving game. It’s considered a pioneer of sorts, being among the first hour-long dramas to incorporate elements of classic romantic-comedy. Thirty years on, its laughs and its thrills remain potent as ever. And, since most channels are carrying nothing but election coverage, what else is there to watch?